Little Girl’s Heartbreaking Letter To Santa Goes Viral

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Little Girl's Heartbreaking Letter To Santa Goes Viral
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Santa receives tons of letters every year, as you know. However, this year, a little girl wrote Ol’ Saint Nick an extraordinary letter – one that could make a grown man cry. In it, she asked him to rid the world of coronavirus…

Asking Santa To Help With Coronavirus

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When Samantha Dicken, 34, a mother of two from Stourport-on-Severn, North Worcestershire, found her daughter’s letter to Santa, she thought nothing of it. After all, as her eight-year-old daughter, Kourtney, writes a letter to the North Pole every year. As always, Samantha decided to take a little peek at her daughter’s letter to see what she asked him to bring her for Christmas. What the mother found broke her heart. “Dear Santa, all I would like for at Christmas is for the world to go back to normal!,” the eight-year-old wrote. “I don’t know if you can do that, but if you can’t do that, it is OK. I don’t mind if I have nothing, I do have everything. Well, I have everything I need, thank you.”

As you might imagine, the letter brought tears to her mother’s eyes. “I cried with sadness at how she is feeling due to COVID restrictions but also at how thoughtful and selfless she is,” Samantha explained. As a healthcare worker herself, Samantha and her children have been through quite a bit this year, making the letter all the more poignant. “During the lockdown, Kourtney has been through a mixture of emotions. She has been really up and down with her moods. She hates the restrictions and misses the family as both of my brothers live in Cheshire so we haven’t seen them for a while,” the mother stated. “She’s also struggled with all the new changes that have taken place at school due to government guidelines.”

A Christmas Letter Inspires

Little Girl's Heartbreaking Letter To Santa Goes Viral
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Despite everything, Samantha considers herself and her family lucky during the coronavirus pandemic. While the lockdown has affected Kourtney, her son, eighteen-month-old Ronnie, is too young to understand what’s going on. Meanwhile, as a healthcare worker, she’s kept her job, and her fiancĂ©, Jamie, has also kept his job in groundworks.

After finding Kourtney’s letter, Samantha just needed to share it on social media. Now, it’s gone viral, with her mother’s post receiving more than 15,000 likes and thousands of shares and comments! Plenty of people cried, just like Samantha. “Oh so beautiful, tears in my eyes so thoughtful,” wrote one user. “How lovely. What a caring little girl you have. It made me cry!” commented another. Others used the post as a chance to congratulate Samantha on clearly being a great parent! “‘What an absolute credit your little girl is to you,” a lovey user wrote.

“Kourtney now knows that lots of people feel the same way she does,” Samantha updated the post later. “She’s sleeping well again and doesn’t need the light on anymore. She lets us shut her bedroom door. It’s given her a needed boost.” That’s great to hear!

Source: The Daily Mail, MSN