Taco Bell Fans Launch Massive Petition To Save Mexican Pizza

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Mexican Pizza Petition
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When fast food restaurant Taco Bell announced they would discontinue their famous Mexican Pizza, many fans felt furious. However, they did not sit on their hands! Instead, some fans started a petition to save the item. Now, nearly 140,000 people have signed the petition!

Goodbye, Mexican Pizza

Taco Bell Menu Change 2020
Taco Bell

When Taco Bell announced that Mexican Pizza would leave its menu on November 5, many fans could not believe it. After all, the item has remained a staple of the Taco Bell menu for precisely 35 years, debuting in 1985. The company says it has some excellent reasons to discontinue the product, “a layer of ground beef and refried beans between two tortillas, topped with sauce, grated cheese and diced tomato.” The biggest deciding factor? Becoming more eco-friendly! For those who have never ordered it, the Mexican Pizza comes in a cardboard box with a plastic fork, aka tons of pointless packaging. Now, Taco Bell plans on changing all that with a little menu change.

However, some do not think it’s a little menu change! In fact, believe it or not, many, especially in the South Asian community, love the Mexican Pizza. “Losing this item would not only be the loss of one of our favorite foods but a piece of our childhood & heritage as Indian Americans,” Krish Jagirdar, an entrepreneur from New Jersey, wrote. According to the entrepreneur, the South Asian community loves the item because they can switch out the meat and beans, making it vegetarian and still taste great! So, Jagirdar started a petition to save the product. And, before he knew it, the petition took off…

A Petition To Taco Bell

Mexican Pizza Petition

As of this writing, 134,270 have signed the petition! That means Jagirdar has almost hit his goal of 150,000 signatures! “I truly, truly believe we have made an impact,” he stated in an update. “That we have made it known that we love the Mexican Pizza and we don’t want it to go. I think that the executives at Yum! Brands and Taco Bell have heard us, but we need to keep going.”

Many commenters have said they will stop heading to Taco Bell should they discontinue the Mexican Pizza. “I only went for the mexican pizza (no beef). I have no other reason to go to taco bell now. The bean burrito I added to my mexican pizza order was just a sad add on, not the major reason I go for a pick me up meal/mexican pizza. It has been my go to post break up meal, post sobbing/bad day mood lifter…even my traditional post-mourning meal is being taken away…2020, you’ve even taken away my cheer up meal, I don’t have any other traditional comfort food,” said one commenter. Another signer stated, “literally one of 2 items we buy from taco bell. You stop making it? My family stops coming.”

Sadly, it seems that Taco Bell might not feel swayed by the petition. As reported by CBS Interactive, some locations have already run out of Mexican Pizza ingredients, and have put up discontinued signs. It seems that the end of an era has arrived…

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