Why So Many In Taiwan Are Changing Their Name To ‘Salmon’

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People In Taiwan Changing Their Names To Salmon
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Recently, the country of Taiwan has been facing a strange new problem: people are changing their name to the word for “Salmon” at an increasing rate! Why, you ask? Well, the reason is quite funny…

“Salmon Chaos”

Crazy Viral Sushi Promotions
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That old saying is true: there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Still, it’s quite crazy what some will go through for a free meal via a promotional deal! So, it really should come as no surprise that a single restaurant promo has caused over 100 people to change their name to the Taiwanese word for Salmon. That’s right. Over 150 people applied to change their name after sushi house Akindo Sushiro offered unlimited sushi for anyone with the name Salmon. Now, the name changes have led to what the locals call “salmon chaos.”

While the promotion clearly stated that only the first people to claim the prize would win, it did not stop hundreds from applying to change their name. Now, the local government is furious at the restaurant. “This kind of name change not only wastes time but causes unnecessary paperwork,” said deputy interior minister Chen Tsung-yen. “Please be careful to take care of your good name.” In Taiwan, people can only legally change their name three times in total. This means many of these folks will have wasted two, one changing it and hopefully one to change it back.

Still, despite local outrage, Akindo Sushiro remained quite profitable and proud throughout it all!

Akindo Sushiro’s Legacy in Taiwan

People In Taiwan Changing Their Names To Salmon
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While the promotion might be over, there are still many wanting to change their name to Salmon. “Five people requested a name change today and another six yesterday,” said local registration office official Ou Minxin, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. “We have seen changed names such as ‘Hotness Salmon,’ ‘Dip Wasabi and Eat Salmon,’ and ‘Can’t Help but Want to Eat Free Salmon.'” Other wild names include “Salmon Prince,” “Meteor Salmon King,” and “Salmon Fried Rice.” Incredibly one person even added over 36 new characters to their name, more than any other person who competed. Almost all of the symbols represent the words for sea creatures, including abalone, crab, and lobster.

Meanwhile, through it all, Akindo Sushiro has remained popular – and very happy with all the attention. After all, there’s no bad press, as they say. In fact, marketing manager Dory Wang says they are up nearly 200 orders a day! You cannot argue with those numbers!

Believe it or not, the Taiwanese citizens who have changed their names do not regret their decision. One winner, a man who changed his name to “Explosive Good-looking Salmon,” says he’s genuinely been enjoying the pers. In just one day, he and his friends ate over $250 USD worth of sushi! Even those who did not win are not too worried. “I’ve changed my first name to salmon and two of my friends also did,” a woman now named Salmon Tung said. “We’ll just change our names back afterwards.”

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