Small Town Makes Its Only UPS Driver Cry With Emotional “Thank You” Gift

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Dauphin Pennsylvania UPS Driver Tears Chad Turns
Kristie Vogelsong

Everyone in the small town of Dauphin, Pennsylvania, knows their local UPS driver – because there’s quite literally only one! Recently, after the long, tolling pandemic, the community decided to give him a generous gift for all his hard work. In the end, the UPS driver could not help but cry…

UPS Driver From Small Town

Small Town Mailman Crying Coronavirus
Dauphin Borough

In the tiny little borough of Dauphin, hardly 800 people go about their daily lives. As you might suspect, in such a small town, everyone knows everyone. “Blink and you’ll miss it,” Joe Calhoun, a longtime resident, said. “But there is something so special here. It’s a small town with a big heart.” Dauphin has no traffic lights, few traffic signs, and only one UPS driver. That’s right! Chad Turns has been delivering letters and packages for UPS to locals for over ten years now.

“Everyone knows how special Chad is,” resident Jenny Shickley shared. “If he thinks something might be a gift – and this happened to us – he literally didn’t deliver it when the kids were in the yard, he just drove by, and then he drove all the way back to our house after dark, because he was nervous it was a gift and didn’t want to ruin it for the kids.” And, Shickley knows she’s not the only one who Turns treats well. As she said, everyone knows about the UPS driver! “On Facebook, another friend mentioned there was a package that needed signing and they weren’t home,” Shickley explained. “Chad was nervous that it was important, so he went to their parents’ house to get it signed for them.”

Last month, the town of Dauphin felt they needed to do something for their UPS driver, after the hard pandemic…

Gift Amid The Pandemic

Dauphin Pennsylvania UPS Driver Tears Chad Turns

When the pandemic hit, and everyone started ordering a lot more online packages, Turns found himself drowning in work. Sometimes he worked up to 80 hours a week! However, through it all, the UPS driver knew he could not let his community down. And he never did. Thankfully, Dauphin eventually paid him back. Last month, the town came together for a special, one-of-a-kind “Thank You, Chad” event, created by Shickley and other locals. Initially, Shickley wanted to set up a small fund for Turns on Facebook people could donate to. Then, things went wrong in the best way possible. “The funny thing is I meant to set it up for $300, but it set to $500,” Shickley shared. “It hit $500 within two days and the total wound up being a little over $1000.”

On the day of the event, Turns’ shift supervisor set his stop for the municipal building. “Chad thought he was going to pick up a box, [but] it was the community and kids and big signs,” Shickley explained. However, when he arrived, the town all stood socially distanced and started giving him a massive round of applause.

“It was very overwhelming,” Turns said. “The idea that they even thought of me to do anything…to go above and beyond and do what they did yesterday was truly amazing to me.” At first, Turns simply felt overwhelmed by everything. However, when he saw his wife, that’s when things hit home, and the tears came. “I cried,” he shared. “I always call her when I leave work and she asks me how my day was. It was a tearjerker. It was very touching and humbling.”

We wish Turns and the small town of Dauphin nothing but the best!

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