Here Are Budget-Friendly, Unique Destinations For Your Next Vacation

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Croatia Vacation

Everyone loves to vacation, whether it’s during the bright and beautiful summer or over holiday breaks. However, sometimes we end up visiting the same places over and over again because we’ve found a perfectly priced place we love. So, we’ve collected four affordable destinations you and your family will enjoy! Whether you like nature and hiking, relaxing and tanning, or sight-seeing you’ll find something on this list! Here are four destinations that are high on experience, but easy on your wallet, for your next vacation.

The Local Vacation: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe Vacation
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Santa Fe is the ultimate getaway for food lovers and history nerds. The culturist will also love this place as it’s filled with Native American and Hispanic history and sightseeing opportunities. Not only that, but Santa Fe will celebrate it’s 407 birthday in 2018, making it the oldest capital city in the United States! And even if you don’t go to every Sunday mass, you should definitely visit San Miguel Chapel, the oldest church in the country.

In addition to its over 250 restaurants and 300 art galleries, the city also hosts festival and fairs year-round. Just walking around the main streets of Santa Fe will make you feel like you’re in a whole different, beautiful country.

The Next-Door Vacation: Calgary, Canada

Calgary Vacation
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Traveling on a budget but still want to explore the world on your next vacation? Try Calgary! An economy-class ticket from the States to Calargy costs, on average, a third of what it will cost you to go visit places like Britain or Australia.

Additionally, Calgary is the perfect place to enjoy nature. You can hike the Canadian Rockies, or take them in from below while kayaking the beautiful, serene Lake Minnewanka. If you’re more of a city type, check out the nightlife as well as the incredible graffiti murals in Kensington Village. And, as always, set aside some time to get lost in this neat little city, where nature meets the urban life!

The Leisure Vacation: Albufeira, Portugal

Albufeira Vacation

Looking for a place with fabulous beaches and great food that won’t break the bank? Albufeira, Portugal checks all the boxes! Albufeira is a perfect destination for families, couples, individuals anyone really. With nearly a dozen beautiful beaches close by and great weather year-round, the sea is always calling. And when you’re hungry, the city center has dozens of shops, restaurants, and coffee places that won’t kill your budget. To finish off your day, take in Albufeira’s nightlife, some of the best in Portugal. Of course, don’t forget the go wine-tasting as well; Portuguese wines are some of the finest in the world.

The Never-Heard-Of-It Vacation: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia Vacation

Croatia is a fast-growing, tourist-friendly country with great prices on everything from flights to food. Dubrovnik is the perfect summer destination for the history lovers in your life. The local architecture will transport you as far back as the 7th century when the city was first settled. A UNESCO list of World Heritage site, the city now features beautiful buildings, varying in style from baroque to renaissance to modern. Not only are the homes and buildings still standing, but they are also incredibly well preserved. In between historical tours make sure to enjoy the unique and tasty local food. And if you’re there in the summer, set aside a day to enjoy the city’s white sand beaches and crystal waters!

Wherever you choose to go for your next vacation, make sure to make some great memories! And remember, always obey the local road signs.