Meet The Human Barbie You’ll Have To See To Believe

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Human Barbie Doll
Valeria Lukyanova/Instagram

While Barbie’s many incredible professions make her a great role model, everyone agrees she has an unobtainable body. After all, few girls are likely to end up with a tiny waist, long legs, ample bust, and perfect blond hair. However, Valeria Lukyanova decided to challenge these perceptions, attempting to become a human Barbie doll.

Through a long, strange process, Lukyanova gained her desired doll proportions and reached a level of perfection even beyond that seen in the photo above. How did she manage to morph into the incredible human Barbie? More importantly, how does Lukyanova function in today’s society? And who else has she inspired to do the same? Read on to discover the strange journey of the world’s only human Barbie…