Teenager Carves Wooden Flags to Support ‘Forgotten Heroes’ During COVID

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Teenager Carves Wooden Flags For Veterans
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As a teenager, this young man started creating wooden flags to help veterans after they returned home from war. Now, he’s turning his attention to the “forgotten heroes” of the coronavirus, first responders and healthcare workers.

Creating Wooden Flags

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Incredibly, Lorenzo Liberti’s hobby began on an ordinary day. As a little boy, Liberti had always felt close to the church. So, one day, he served meals with his church youth group at a food pantry. “The encounter made an impression on me, ‘How could America abandon the servicemen and women who fought for our freedom?’, I thought to myself,” he said.

As he grew older, the encounter stayed with Liberti for a long time. In fact, it stayed with him until his recent summer break. That’s when it came screaming back after Liberti decided to take up woodcarving to pass the time during the coronavirus. “One thing led to another, and with a few modifications, I created a unique wooden American flag. It looked so cool that my brother and all of my neighbors wanted one too! With such a positive response, I began to wonder if I could use my talent to support the less fortunate people I had met at the soup kitchen earlier in the year,” Liberti stated. “My summer DIY project became a much bigger endeavor than I could’ve ever imagined.” Now, his project, Heroic Flags, has become bigger than Liberti ever could have predicted!

Sold Out For A Great Cause

Teenager Carves Wooden Flags For Veterans

Heroic Flags officially launched in November, and, so far, Liberti has created over 60 unique flags by himself. Each flag is different, and they take him anywhere from a few hours to a full day to complete. In total, through more than 1,000 hours of work, he’s managed to raise $13,000 for veterans. And Liberti did not stop there! Now, he’s working on raising money for healthcare workers during coronavirus. As it turns out, Liberti’s mother works as a first responder, so he’s seen the devastation first-hand that they’ve had to deal with during the coronavirus. He states that medical workers are the new heroes of our society. It’s not just people in scrubs, but fighters.

“We went to war against the virus. Our new soldiers are wearing scrubs instead of camouflage,” he says. “I thought it would be fitting to honor our new heroes with my flags.” His clientele is growing, and so is the demand. Liberti recently launched an official website to make orders easier. “I have a long waiting list of people still wanting flags,” he said. What about the veterans, though? His GoFundMe page still includes them, saying that “their needs have not diminished during the pandemic.”

Liberti’s goals include raising over $50,000 and distributing flags to every struggling hospital in the United States. As for his biggest wish – he’d want every house to have his flag hanging on the wall, including the White House! We can’t wait to see how he does!

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