Think Wordle is Hard? Try These!

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Wordle game
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Online games and challenges continue to capture the attention of consumers all over the world, such as the oh-so-popular Wordle. But for those who want something a bit more challenging than the word game taking the internet by storm, there are great alternatives for Wordle, including Quordle, Octordle, and Nerdle!

What Is Wordle?

Wordle game
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Within a few months of Wordle’s release, it had already taken over the entire nation. Suddenly, it seemed the whole world was playing the word game! But what is this popular phenomenon? Wordle is a daily word game with a simple premise; it presents a 5-letter challenge to users every 24 hours. Players get six tries to guess the special word. If the letter is in the right spot, it lights up in green, and correct letters in incorrect spots show up in yellow. Letters that don’t appear in the answer word are greyed out.

The game continues to rise in popularity every day. So far, over 300,000 people play it daily, according to The New York Times, who are responsible for creating the daily Wordles. But what makes the game so special? First of all, it’s captivating. You only have five tries and can’t buy more lives or cheats like in many other games. Once a user loses, they have to wait 24 hours to play again. Secondly, everyone has the same Wordle, which they can discuss. It’s a conversation-starter suitable for families, friends, and coworkers. The results can be shared spoiler-free on social media in one click, too.

Quordle, Octordle, Nerdle, and Other Wordle Alternatives

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In addition to Wordle, there are a variety of spin-offs to try out…some of which are even harder than the original! The first one to tackle is Quordle. It has the same concept and rules – letters light up in green, yellow, and grey depending on whether they’re correct and in the right placement or not. That said, users don’t guess just one word. Instead, they have to guess four words at the same time. Players have nine tries to do so. So far, players find the game a lot more challenging and frustrating than Wordle, and Twitter is flooded with mentions of the game. One strategy that social media users have found works well with Quordle is to try to throw out as many letters of the alphabet as possible while guessing the five-letter words.

Of course, the craze didn’t end with Quordle. Another, even harder version showed up soon after. Called Octordle, this one demands the player guess eight different five-letter words at one time! In this version, users get 13 guesses. The game has the same mechanics as the previous two.

There’s also Nerdle. Created with the same idea, Nerdle uses numbers and mathematics instead of letters. Richard Mann, a British data scientist, created the game at the request of his 14-year-old daughter. Boxes include characters 0123456789+-*/=, and the challenge is to create a mathematically correct calculation.

“As if nerding out on the maths in the game itself wasn’t enough to keep me out of mischief, watching our little game being played in 53 countries by day 5 and up to 800 users an hour has been absolutely fascinating,” Mann commented.

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