World Record Plank Broken By 62-Year-Old Illinois Man

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World Record Plank
Joseph Holic Photography, George Hood/Instagram

A 62-year-old from Illinois recently broke the world record for longest-held plank, at just over eight hours. And, believe it or not, this isn’t his first time breaking the record! Here’s one of the most inspiring stories you’ll read all week…

The Man Who Broke The World Record Plank

World Record Plank
Joseph Holic Photography

Remember that gym membership you made on January 1? Well, here’s your wake-up call to go and do something about it! Pictured above is George Hood. He’s a retired, 62-year-old Drug Enforcement Administration supervisory special agent and former US Marine, living in Naperville, Illinois. And, on February 15, 2020, Hood became the world record holder of longest plank: eight hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds, beating the previous record-holder by 14 minutes.

This is, in fact, Hood’s second time breaking the world record for the longest plank held. He first broke the record back in 2011, when he planked for an hour and 20 minutes. Since then, several others have topped his plank, including the now-previous holder in 2019. Now, however, Hood holds the title once again!

“I Can Help Raise Awareness”

World Record Plank
Joseph Holic Photography

The pensioner said that he completed the world record plank for his family. “I’m the father of three sons, and part of me did this for them,” Hood said afterward. He also completed the plank to help raise awareness for mental health. “I’m not a paid athlete. I do this thing because I can, and I can also help raise awareness,” Hood explained. “I’ve seen enough folks in the military and my law enforcement comrades who haven’t fared so well. We want to break that stigma of seeking [mental health] help.”

You might ask yourself: how does he do it? Well, Hood trained for months and months. Every day he would head to the gym for a staggering seven hours, which included 1,500 sit-ups every day. Then, once he’s started planking, the former Marine likes to listen to music or focus on his imagination to pass the time. “I often envision myself as a tree when I’m on that platform because all the energy I exude from that platform comes from the Earth,” he said. “Like a tree, I have roots, and those roots go deep, and when they do, I’m ready to weather any storm that comes across my platform. I’m ready to stay in my pose without wavering.”

Keeping His Eyes On Other Prizes

World Record Plank
George Hood/Instagram

The 62-year-old record-breaker does acknowledge that he could not have done this one his own. Hood trained with a professional trainer, Niki Perry, who founded his gym, 515 Fitness. Perry was there right by Hood’s side in training and during the world record plank. “We focused on mental toughness, and the four c’s that you have to be able to get through to get through something as arduous as this: Commitment, consistency, core beliefs, and evaluating challenges,” Perry shared.

What’s next for the pensioner record-breaker? Hood says this will be his last plank record-breaking title; apparently, the 62-year-old feels inspired to try and break another world record: most push-ups done in an hour (the current record is 2,806). “Everybody has a starting point. Everybody starts somewhere and then, like anything in life, you build from that,” Hood concluded.

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