This 4-Year-Old Saved Her Mom’s Life By Dialing 911 Herself

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4-Year-Old Saves Mom's Life
Haley Glaser/Good Morning America

Isla Glaser is your typical 4-year-old living in New Jersey with her family. However, not so long ago, everything changed. Last month Isla saved her mom’s life by dialing 911 after her mother collapsed right in front of her. Now, many around the world are calling Isla a hero, and the police recently honored the 4-year-old. Read on to discover this incredible story…

The 4-Year-Old Who Saved Her Mom’s Life

4-Year-Old Saves Mom's Life
Haley Glaser/Good Morning America

This year, it wasn’t Santa who performed the most amazing Christmas miracle. Instead, it was little Isla Glaser, the 4-year-old who save her mom’s life! The Glaser family lives in Franklin Township, New Jersey. Isla spends most of her time at school or playing with her three other siblings, a two-year-old toddler and one-year-old twins.

One day, Isla’s mother, Haley, collapsed on the floor with Isla in the room. Of course, the situation could have turned out horribly. Thankfully, it did not, because this 4-year-old knew precisely what to do!

“My Mommy Fell Down”

4-Year-Old Saves Mom's Life

Not wasting a second, little Isla immediately called 911 after seeing her mother collapse. Incredibly, the young girl remained calm while explaining the situation to the 911 dispatcher. “My mommy fell down, and she can’t talk,” she said. Even more impressive, Isla’s three younger siblings were also at home at the time. Somehow, the 4-year-old managed to keep everything under control, while staying on the phone the entire time.

While Isla waited for help to arrive, she remained calm and quietened the dogs before the police came. On the 911 recording, you can even hear the little girl controlling the dogs: “Puppies get out of the way! Puppies get out of the way!” Isla also unlocked and opened the front door, so paramedics would tend to Haley as soon as they arrived, saving her life.

The first responders took the unconscious Haley to the hospital. She spent several days recovering from a bacterial infection, which caused her fainting in the first place. Thankfully, Haley Glaser is now healthy and safe, all thanks to her heroic daughter.

Isla Glaser, The 4-Year-Old Hero

4-Year-Old Saves Mom's Life
Alexander Lewis/Bridgewater Courier News

“She truly saved my life,” Haley said of her daughter, after leaving the hopsital. “She easily could have been scared, and she was faced with a potentially really scary situation, but she handled herself with complete and utter control and composure.”

A few years after the incident, the Franklin Township Police Department invited Isla and her family to a ceremony honoring the little girl’s bravery. There, Isla received a badge from the police officer and a certificate of commendation!

At the ceremony, Lt. Philip Rizzo of the Franklin Township Police Department said, “I know adults that cannot handle that kind of incident with that much bravery, poise, and distinction. For that, this young lady needs to be commended.” We could not agree more!

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