One Unusual Wedding: 5 A.M. Ceremony And 46 Person Bridal Party

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34 Bridesmaids Wedding
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Everyone has at least one interesting wedding story. However, few can likely top Casme Carter’s recent courtship. The New Orleans woman got married in a very special, albeit unusual, ceremony: a 5 a.m beach ceremony, accompanied by 34 bridesmaids! Here’s all about her special day and the women who helped out…

The Bride With The 34 Bridesmaids

46 Person Bridal Party
Casme Carter/Instagram

Casme Carter is a 38-year-old singer, performer, and entertainer, who currently lives in New Orleans. However, before settling down, Carter traveled all over, performing. “I traveled for 18 years as a singer and made incredible friends along the way,” she said. So, on Carter’s wedding day, she decided to honor many of those friends…by having 34 bridesmaids accompany her to the altar! Only six of them were related to Carter via family.

Still, Carter and her now husband, Gary, did not stop there. They decided upon a romantic ceremony on a beautiful Florida beach…at 5 a.m. The two wanted to have an incredible backdrop of the sunrise.

Carter understands their wedding is a bit unusual, with the number of bridesmaids and the hour. However, she wanted to their special day to be unique, but also “celebrate the amazing women” she met throughout her life. In an interview, she said, “If I would have had more time to plan, I would have had 50 [bridesmaids]!” Casme and Carter planned the wedding in three months, and some bridesmaids couldn’t make it due to army deployment and time restraints.

How The Wedding Worked Out

34 Bridesmaids Wedding
Casme Carter/Instagram

The day before the wedding, the happy bride and her bridesmaids had a summery photo shoot on the beach, with Carter wearing a veil and a white bathing suit. Her 34 bridesmaids stood behind her, all wearing matching bathing suits, but in nude or neutral colors.

As anyone married can tell you, weddings can become one of the most expensive days of your life. That, in turn, can stress everyone out. So, Carter made sure that neither she nor her 34 bridesmaids, who range in age from 21 to 50, stressed about getting dressed. She provided everyone two options: a $25 dress or wearing one of their own!

In case you were wondering, the groom had “only” 12 groomsmen. So the first 12 bridesmaids each accompanied a groomsman down the aisle. The rest of the bridesmaids walked down the aisle solo, like in a fashion show, while acoustic guitar and saxophone were playing in the background.

Keeping It Simple

5 AM Wedding
Casme Carter/Instagram

Even though having 34 bridesmaids might seem overwhelming to some, Carter really just wanted to keep it simple. One of the ways that the bride kept things simple was by keeping costs down for her bridesmaids. And she didn’t stop at the dresses. “I told them not to give me gifts and that them being there for me was the best present I could receive,” Carter told the Today Show.

It was crucial for Carter to have these women at her wedding, and take on that special role. “I wanted them all to experience the love that they’ve seen that I’ve been praying for and wanting. I wanted them to witness it first hand.”