50 Cent Trolls Ja Rule, Buys 200 Tickets To His Concert So “They’d Be Left Empty”

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50 Cent Ja Rule
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In these tense days, we need a good story to humor us. Here’s this week’s funniest entertainment story: two rappers, 50 Cent and Ja Rule, who had been feuding for years, have been trolling each other hilariously. Here’s everything you need to know about the history of the feud and its recent, hysterical peak.

50 vs. Ja: Where It All Began

50 Cent Ja Rule
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The beef between rappers 50 Cent and Ja Rule goes back nearly two decades! In 1999, 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, was filming a music video in Jamaica. While shooting, someone stole some of 50’s jewelry. Afterward, he accused Ja Rule (pictured above, whose real name is Jefferey Atkins) of the theft. Why? In 50’s biography, he wrote that before the 1999 robbery, a friend of his robbed Ja Rule of a chain. In 50’s mind, Ja Rule was getting back at him. Ever since, the two have been feuding publicly, calling each other out, and trolling each other constantly. Now, the feud has continued for nearly two decades!

19 Years of Feud And Counting

50 Cent Ja Rule
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Both 50 Cent and Ja Rule have been through a lot over their almost twenty years of feuding. 50 released not one, but two diss tracks, mocking Ja Rule (one featured rapper Eminem and Busta Rhymes). In response, Ja rule also released a diss track, firing back at his nemesis. Even worse, fights have broken out between the two, and 50 even got stabbed in one of them in 2016.

In 2015, the two came to a sort of peace, when two other R&B artists got into a feud, Drake and Meek Mill. 50 Cent and Ja Rule agreed that that feud has nothing on their feud. As Ja Rule put it, until Drake or Meek Mill got “stabbed or shot” it was just not the same. Thankfully, later he clarified with a tweet: “All jokes aside I don’t wanna see those guys get hurt I like both of them…but stop comparing it to other beefs…”

But in January 2018, the feud reignited. Ja Rule went on a Twitter rant against 50 Cent after the 50 poked fun at him during an interview. What 50 did next might be the hardest trolling we’ve seen all year…

50 Cent Among 200 Empty Seats: “What A Show”

50 Cent Ja Rule
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In the ultimate diss, 50 Cent decided to buy no less than 200 tickets to Ja Rule’s concert in Arlington, Texas on November 9th. 50 wanted to leave the first dozen rows, worth about $3000, empty so Ja Rule would end up looking at hundreds of empty seats during his concert. Afterward, 50 uploaded a photoshopped picture of himself sitting alone among rows of empty seats, beaming to Instagram. He wrote, “What a show. [Will] do it again. My kid [just] went to the bathroom.”

Ja Rule, ever the good sport, responded by tweeting, “I get under 50 Cent’s skin…I love it!”

To be honest, as long as this decades-long beef is based strictly on trolling each other, we really don’t mind it! But maybe they should take up another hobby – knitting, or ceramics. Maybe Pilates.