Meet The 7-Eleven Baby, Whose Numbers All Aligned

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7-Eleven Baby
Johntez Brown/Facebook, 7-Eleven

When a Missouri couple headed to the hospital to welcome their baby girl into the world, they had no idea they’d have the most unique birth. Because of the little girl’s birth date, time, and weight, the media quickly dubbed her “the 7-Eleven Baby.” Of course, in short time the famous brand responded…

Welcome To The World, the 7-Eleven Baby

7-Eleven Baby
Rachel Langford/CNN

Welcoming a baby into the world is always a blessing – but for one couple from Missouri, it seems like the odds were always in their favor.

Meet Rachel and Johntez Brown, who live in St. Louis. The young couple had been waiting for the birth of their first child eagerly. So, this past month, when Rachel went into labor, they rushed to the hospital to give birth. Thankfully, everything went well, with Rachel delivering a beautiful, healthy baby girl named J’Amie. However, in the commotion, they didn’t realize an incredible coincidence had occurred. Rachel gave birth to J’Amie on July 11th, at 7:11pm. Yup, that’s right. Oh, and one more detail: her birth weight ended up being 7 pounds and 11 oz! J’Amie’s parents could not believe it!

In an interview with CNN, Mrs. Brown said that even though it might seem like a surreal coincidence, it only came as a partial shock to her. You see, she came across the number 7 and 11 several times while pregnant with J’Amie, but never thought much of it. For example, she said, “A lot of the times [during the pregnancy] I would look at the clock, and it was 7:11.”

“My Lady Luck”

711 Baby
7-Eleven/BusinessInsider, 7-Eleven/MSN

Soon, local news station picked up the story of J’Amie’s incredible birth. From there, the tale of the 7-Eleven baby quickly went viral. By the next morning, Rachel posted a video from the hospital of the story airing on a local news station! “Look at my star baby she on the news already love you, baby,” she commented on the post. The Browns, despite giving birth recently, have been enjoying the attention they’ve received from the media. Now, Mrs. Brown calls her baby girl “lady luck” online.

In the days following the birth, the Browns posted several photos of their special newborn online. They’ve enjoyed lots of support and well-wishes not only from friends and family, but also complete strangers who are happy for the couple and are also amused by the 7-Eleven numbers. Many had the same question, however: did 7-Eleven know about J’Amie? Well, soon, the world would get their answer…

7-Eleven Responds In Kind

7-Eleven Baby

Of course, it did not take long for 7-Eleven to respond. As mentioned, not long after the birth, J’Amie’s story started to take off. That’s when Christina Figg, who works at 7-Eleven headquarters, found out about the birth through a local St. Louis report. Not much later, the company contacted the parents to congratulate them on the birth.

However, the company did not stop there. 7-Eleven then donated $7,111 in college fund seeds and newborn supplies to the couple! They also gave J’Aime a nice big collection of one-of-a-king 7-Eleven onesies. After news of the donation broke, the company tweeted “no other way to celebrate a one-in-a-million 7-Eleven baby! Welcome to the world, J’aime Brown! She truly is our #LadyLucky.” Meanwhile, Figg commented that they expect J’Aime to become “7-Eleven‘s future best customer ever!” That’s probably a pretty safe bet!