Dad Springs Into Action As Alligator Comes Towards 4-Year-Old Daughter

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Texas Father Saves Son Daughter Babysitter from Alligator

Most people would freeze up in fear or run and scream if they saw an alligator charging towards them or a loved one. However, one father from Texas is far braver than the rest of us! When he saw a gator come towards his daughter, son, and their babysitter, he sprung into action, risking his own life in the process!

Huge Surprise

Andrew Grande Gator
Andrew Grande

Everything seemed like a typical day at first. Andrew Grande was working in the house, while his 4-year-old daughter, 6-year-old son, and their nanny played in the backyard. However, as the children played on, Andrew noticed something horrifying in the canal behind their Texas home: a massive alligator! “When I first saw him, the only thing I was thinking of was just getting my daughter, just getting her out of the way,” he said. “What his intentions were, I’m not 100% sure, but I wasn’t going to find out.”

“He was by far the biggest one we’ve ever seen, and in fact, they have never done that before. Usually, they keep their distance, just pass by,” the League City, Texas, resident said. “You don’t even know they’re there, but this guy’s intentions were definitely a little different.” It seemed that the alligator kept swimming back up the canal, almost as if to check on the family from time to time. A strange encounter indeed! While the gator kept its distance for a while, the next thing Andrew knew, it was swimming right towards his 4-year-old daughter! Without a second thought, the father of two darted outside to help…

A Terrifying Encounter With An Alligator

Texas Father Saves Son Daughter Babysitter from Alligator
HD Nux

In what seemed like a single heartbeat, Andrew Grande flew out of his house, alerting the babysitter and his son to the daughter. Thankfully, the nanny managed to grab the Grande boy and get him inside the home’s outside fence. Meanwhile, the father actually leaped over the fence like a superhero, putting himself between himself and the massive 12-foot crocodile. “It was a beast,” Andrew told the Houston Chronicle. “I had a gut feeling it wanted my daughter as a snack.”

In a movie-like moment, Andrew then threw his daughter over the fence to safety as the alligator got within just a few feet of him. With another leap to safety, it seemed like the Grande family was safe! That was, until the predator did not leave. It just stayed there, staring at them! “He was just so big that if he had jumped out, he would have just broken the fence, he was just that heavy,” Andrew said.

So, after several frantic phone calls, Andrew found an alligator hunter that would come to the scene immediately. “As [the hunter] was getting the noose ready for the alligator, it came towards him,” Andrew recalled. “The gator took a chomp at the noose and was caught. Then, the battle began.”

Back To Safety

Andrew Grande Gator
Andrew Grande

After a lengthy, half-hour battle of hunter vs. gator, Texas Hunt and Game wardens finally arrived on the scene. Apparently, according to the local news, several neighbors also joined in the effort to contain the creature. In the end, it took a whopping seven people, two poles, rope, and several pieces of plywood to capture and remove the alligator from the canal. After they measured it, the massive alligator came in at 11 feet and seven inches long and weighed close to 600 pounds.

The wardens also informed Andrew, his family, and the neighbors that alligators generally do not act like this. So, thankfully, they likely will never need to worry about things like this occurring in the future. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department also told everyone that gators typically exhibit this kind of aggressive behavior when people have fed them regularly. So, as if you didn’t need to be told more than once: don’t feed wild alligators!

Now, experts have relocated the alligator to Gator Country, the largest alligator sanctuary in Texas. In fact, Andrew Grande even plans on taking his children there to see the creature he saved them from!

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