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The Super Bowl Halftime Show: The Best of the Rest

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Prince Super Bowl Halftime Show
NFL, CBS/YouTube

There’s a little event during the Super Bowl night called the halftime show. Since its inception, the halftime show continues to grow larger each year. These days, its easy to find someone more excited for the show and commercials than the game! Unfortunately, many thought this Super Bowl’s halftime show, starring Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi, lackluster. Thankfully, the internet lets us relive the show’s glory days! Here’s a look at some of the greatest halftime shows in history. Read on to see if your favorite made our list…

1972: The First Ever Celebrity Halftime Performance Show – Carol Channing

Super Bowl Halftime Shows
NFL, CBS/Football Hall of Fame

Although it may seem like it, the Super Bowl’s halftime show did not always feature the biggest stars. The first-ever Super Bowl took place in 1967 in Los Angeles. However, in its early years, the Super Bowl showcased local marching bands during halftime. Then, in 1972, NFL began bringing on mega talents, to boost viewership. While it may seem strange by today’s standards, producers booked Carol Channing, a Broadway phenomenon. Unfortunately, no clips of the performance survived. But Channing’s show began the tradition of incredible Super Bowl halftime show performances.

1993: The First Huge Performance – Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Super Bowl Halftime Show
NFL, CBS/Youtube

Michael Jackson represents the ’80s and ’90s better than anyone. He was in his peak years, selling out concerts around the globe. Thus, NFL’s decision to have him perform at the 1993 halftime show. Some say this 12-minute performance is the “real” beginning of halftime shows. It certainly gave us the halftime shows we know today: epic, larger than life shows. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice the first three minutes is just the crowd applauding! After 1993, Super Bowl producers realized that viewers want constant engagement and entertainment, even during halftime. Additionally, the halftime show is the best way to keep viewers from changing the channel! Now, there is always something huge happening during the Super Bowl, even for those who aren’t into football. There’s something for everyone!

2013: The Ultimate Reunion Halftime Show – Beyonce and Destiny’s Child

Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show
NFL, CBS/JustJared

Twenty years after MJ’s 1993 performance, and you could really see the evolution of the Super Bowl halftime show. Now, just rumors of who will perform can create a huge buzz for months in advance. Furthermore, these days, only the hottest, most popular stars can take the halftime show stage. Gone are the days of rock bands like Aerosmith rocking the Super Bowl stage.

2013 was no exception. Beyoncé Knowles dominated the stage, performing a medley of her greatest hits, from “Crazy In Love” to “Love on Top.” However, this wasn’t it: Bey’s former Destiny’s Child group members, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, joined her on stage to an epic reunion no one saw coming. It was an incredibly well-kept industry secret, and audiences were floored by the performance.

2007: The Best Super Bowl Halftime Show Ever – Prince

Prince Super Bowl Halftime Show
NFL, CBS/YouTube

As always, we save the best for last! Many halftime show fans, as well as critics, crowned Prince’s 2007 performance as the best ever. Something about the performance captured everyone’s attention and hearts. First, Prince performed in the pouring rain! He began the show with Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” and went on to sing his biggest hits. There was an incredible collaboration, honoring the Super Bowl’s history, when the singer performed “Baby I’m A Star” with Florida’s A&M University marching band. The halftime show also featured the iconic “Purple Rain” (in the rain) and plenty of great guitar solos. Prince’s halftime show really embodied the love of the Super Bowl and rock music in one incredible night.

Along with all other football and concert fans, we’ll be eagerly waiting to see who shows up during next year’s Super Bowl halftime show. Until then, its good to know we can always go back and watch the most iconic performances!