The Best Black Friday 2019 Deals

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Black Friday 2019 Deals
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The time has come once again for Black Friday, the start of the Christmas shopping season. And this year, plenty of your favorite companies and retailers have created some fantastic deals for consumers! Read on to discover the best deals of Black Friday 2019…

Amazon & Apple Deals

Black Friday 2019 Deals

In the past few years, the recent Black Friday trend has been for companies to start their sales before the day even arrives. Sometimes even on Thanksgiving! And this year is no different. This week, Amazon actually started their Black Friday 2019 sale on November 22!

As always, Amazon features some of the best deals of the holiday. For example, they’re offering $200 off a 43-inch Roku TV, and 4 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for just 99 cents. That’s a $39 savings! But the savings don’t end there! On iPhones, shoppers can save anywhere between $40 to $100: like a deal on iPhone XR for $509 instead of $549. Obviously, Amazon will feature deals on more than just electronics: there are massive savings on shoes, kitchen tools, toys and games, and so much more!

However, speaking of iPhones, you know Apple wouldn’t let Black Friday 2019 pass by without some great opportunities to save. This year, Apple deals include $400 off the New Apple MacBook Pro (on, 20% off Apple Watch at Walmart, and much more. Oh, and if you always wanted to get a pair of them Airpods, well, this is your time: you can snag them for 30% off on eBay.

Costco & Walmart Deals

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Like Amazon, Walmart will begin Black Friday 2019 early, on November 27. This year, as always, the massive retailer will feature some of the best deals of the year. Deals include discounted iPhones that include $700 worth of Walmart gift cards and massive discounts on TVs. Looking at toys perfect for the little ones, those who brave the crowds can pick up a Frozen dollhouse for just $40!

Not to be outdone, but Costco will also participate in Black Friday 2019. In fact, they’ve turned all of November into “Black Friday Month!” There are month-long sales and day-only sales on everything from mini wontons to Lenovo laptops.

Black Friday 2019: A Brief History

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Black Friday might seem like a new tradition, but it’s actually quite old! It started in the middle of the previous century, in 1952. Initially, it was meant as a day for retailers to sell their old stock before restocking for the Christmas shopping season. Hence, how it became recognized as the first day of Christmas shopping. While Black Friday is not a nationally recognized holiday, many states, like California, have turned it into a state holiday.

Fun fact: historians are not quite sure how the term “Black Friday” came into existence. Many speculate, however, that it came from one particularly bad year in Philadelphia, describing the heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The term became official a decade later in 1961. Recently, online retailers started Cyber Monday, which happens on the Monday after Thanksgiving, with some crazy online deals.

Obviously, all giant retailers and companies will be holding some fantastic discounts – Target, Best Buy, eBay… be sure to research and compare prices before you make a purchase; you can find man lists of deals online. But most importantly: Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to spend with family and friends, so don’t forget to enjoy every moment of it before rushing into Black Friday 2019 madness!

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