What Is The Bottle Top Challenge: The Latest Viral Craze

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Bottle Top Challenge
Mariah Carey/Instagram, John Mayer/Instagram

The bottle top challenge has completely taken over social media: everyone from UFC stars to massive celebrities are participating and challenging their fellow A-listers. However, what exactly is it, and what’s the point? Well, here’s everything you need to know about the latest viral craze!

Introducing: The Bottle Top Challenge

Jason Statham
Jason Statham/Instagram

In the past, we’ve seen some great challenge going around social media, like the ice bucket challenge, that raised awareness for ALS, and the trash tag challenge, which sent teenagers outside to clean up garbage. Now, the bottle top challenge is the latest viral craze to take over the internet.

The bottle top challenge sounds so simple, yet so strange. And, well, to be honest, it is. The craze challenges people, specifically celebrities, to uncap a bottle in a single spinning kick. Every celeb that posted it challenged a different fellow star to do the same. The challenge is made for pure fun, and for a little showing off, not raising money or awareness for anything. However, it’s still caused quite the storm online. Perhaps because, so far, the results have not been disappointing!

Where It Came From

So, how did the bottle top challenge begin? Well, it all started in the martial arts social media circles. Farabi Davletchi is a Kazakh Taekwondo champion who posted an Instagram video of himself kicking off a bottle cap in one smooth motion. He then tagged several celebrities, including Jason Statham, Jackie Chan, Jean-Claude Van Damme, among others, calling for them to accept the challenge. However, others say the trend started from Kambur Roman from Slovakia kicked it off.

Needless to say, no one foresaw the bottle top challenge becoming as big as it became. The challenge quickly started trending, with many people, famous and not, taking their shot at it. UFC fighter Max Holloway posted it next; however, it really blew up after singer and guitarist John Mayer took a chance at it. His video is simply amazing. But the most famous bottle cap challenge video was posted by Jason Statham himself, whose video seemed effortless and has nearly 20 million likes and millions of views. You can see their videos, along with some other stars’, in the video above.

20 Million Likes And Views In 12 Hours

In the days following Statham and Mayer’s videos, many other celebrities rose to the challenge, including Conor McGregor, Ryan Reynolds, and Hailey Bieber (who uncapped the bottle while riding a four-wheeler!). Kendall Jenner posted one of the most recent bottle top challenge videos; in it, she topped Bieber by kicking off the bottle top while riding a jet ski! Meanwhile, the bottle top challenge posts have been receiving millions of likes and views. Jenner’s post has nearly 20 million likes and views in 12 hours since she posted it! Some celebs commented on it, saying she “ended” the challenge, as hers is the most impressive yet.

However, legend and icon Mariah Carey had something to say – or sing – about that. She made her own version of the challenge and, as usual, blew us all away. It even made Good Morning America the next day; watch it above! You’re sure to be surprised.

Think you’re up for it? The #BottleCapChallenge is open to everyone! Just make sure you remind everyone where you heard about it!