5-Year-Old Donates Baby Yoda Doll to Firefighters

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5-Year-Old Donates Baby Yoda Doll to Firefighters - 0
Tyler Eubanks

Little children truly want to help whenever, wherever they can. So, when this little five-year-old boy heard about the recent wildfires, he knew he wanted to reach out and offer assistance, but didn’t know how. Then it hit him! He would donate his an adorable baby Yoda doll to cheer the firefighters up!

An Unusual Donation

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Audrey Wilcox

A few weeks ago, Sasha Tinning took her grandson, five-year-old Carver, shopping for special items. You see, the two had decided to collect items for California firefighters after hearing about the recent, devastating wildfires there. When they arrived at the mall, it seemed Carver already knew what he wanted to purchase the brave first responders. He wanted to send them a doll of his favorite character: Baby Yoda from the Disney series The Mandalorian. He figured, if Baby Yoda cheered him up, it would also brighten their days!

Along with the doll, Carver included a note. “Thank You Firefighters. Here is a friend for you in case you get lonely,” it read.

While the firefighters in California had become accustomed to donations of food, water, and clothing, they never expected a Baby Yoda doll. “The smallest gift of kindness goes a long way,” said Mike Lewelling, a fire management officer at Rocky Mountain National Park, who traveled to California to help fight the recent fires. “This has been a very long and stressful fire season and many firefighters are away from their families for weeks, and even months.” As you can see, the toy made the incredibly brave firefighters smile ear to ear. Many took pictures with the doll, which spread across social media. Now, the Baby Yoda doll has its own Facebook page!

Baby Yoda Makes Firefighters Smile

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Jaebyn Drake

“What’s happening with these fires is quite scary,” said Tyler Eubanks, who helps coordinates donations for the firefighters. “Baby Yoda brings a positivity to it all. At the drive, when Carver dropped off Yoda, everyone was really emotional when they read the note.” The coordinator never expected a simple doll to mean so much to so many people. “Since Yoda’s a morale booster, I’m getting tons of messages from first responders asking when it’s their turn to get Baby Yoda. Members of the National Guard even thanked me and I was like, ‘What? You are the heroes, not me!'”

Now, the doll has plenty of stories to tell, if it could. For instance, when a medic carried Baby Yoda to Incident Commander Dave Gesser’s and his crew, it meant the world to them. “Baby Yoda‘s arrival to the Cameron Peak Fire lifted team moral significantly,” Gesser stated. “It has been a long fire season… word spread quickly around the incident command post and people were literally lining up to get a selfie with Baby Yoda.”

Meanwhile, Carver and his grandmother never expected the doll to become such a massive hit. However, they understand why he has. “It’s a combination of those who want to support first responders, and Baby Yoda humanizes them,” Sasha Tinning said. “It makes you think, oh, these are the people doing this job, putting out fires and saving lives. Yoda brings light into it all.”

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