7-Year-Old Boy Uses His Savings For A Disney World Trip To Help Hurricane Dorian Victims

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Boy Donates To Dorian

Last week, Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas and eastern United States, hard. As hundreds of evacuees escaped the storm by driving inland, many came across a heartwarming sight. A seven-year-old boy who set up a hot dog stand with his own money, all for evacuees fleeing the storm.

A Disney World Trip Turned In To Hot Dog Stand

Boy Donates Disney Money

Rarely are adults, let alone children, willing to give up everything they have for those in need. However, Jermaine Bell from South Carolina, who recently turned seven-years-old, is not an ordinary boy. One day, he showed his incredible true nature.

Recently, Bell saved all his pocket money to help pay for his dream birthday celebration: a visit to Disney World. But Bell changed his mind once he learned of the thousands of people evacuating their homes because of Hurricane Dorian. So, the boy took his savings and bought tons of hot dogs, water, chips, and condiments. Then, he handed them out to the evacuees as they headed inland.

It’s important to note the seven-year-old had saved up enough money to take all of his family to the Animal Kingdom in Florida, not just for himself! The young boy gave up the dream of an entire family vacation to help those in immediate need. Still, he did not stop there…

“I Wanted To Be Generous”

Boy Donates To Dorian

After getting the supplies, Bell set up a little hot dog stand alongside the Allendale, South Carolina highway. There, he started offering free food to those in need. In an interview to WJBF News, the birthday boy said, “The people that are traveling to go to places, I wanted them to have some food to eat, so they can enjoy the ride to the place that they’re going to stay at.”

Bell’s family estimate that with his birthday savings, Little Jermaine helped over a hundred people that day. They met many evacuees and heard their stories. By now, he’s helped a lot more, by encouraging those who can to donate. “I wanted to be generous and live to give.”

Contributing To Hurricane Dorian Victims

Boy Donates Disney Money
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As you can imagine, Little Jermaine’s family felt incredibly proud. In an interview to CNN, his grandmother, Aretha Grant, said, “We knew Jermaine was very special, but we didn’t know he was special in this way to be such a giver like this.”

The seven-year-old also admits he’s proud of himself. Even better, he doesn’t regret his decision at all. Of course, afterward, he still dreamed of an incredible Disney vacation with his family and started saving again. Thankfully, the Dinsey Company surprised the Bell family at their home with a gift: an all-expenses-paid trip to Disney World! Needless to say, Little Jermaine absolutely cannot wait!

According to CNN, hurricane Dorian made over one million people evacuate in the Bahamas, Florida, and the Carolinas. If you’re inspired by Jermaine’s actions and would like to donate and help the cause, you can click here to donate to the Bahama Relief Funds, or see a list of charities who help the cause here.