Missing 3-Year-Old Boy Found With Family Pit Bull Dog Guarding Him

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Buddy the Pit Bull Buddy the Dog
Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

Last week, a three-year-old boy went missing in Texas. Thankfully, after hours, the police finally found the child. Incredibly, the entire time, his family dog, Buddy the Pit Bull, had stood guard, not letting any strangers near him. Now, the dog’s being heralded as a hero! Here’s a fantastic story to brighten your day…

A Boy Goes Missing

Pit Bull Pit Bulls

Ever feel like dogs come straight from heaven? Well, here’s your proof! Last week, a three-year-old boy from Texas, whose family wants to remain anonymous, went missing. His parents immediately called the authorities after they noticed that their son had vanished from the backyard. In what must have been the most terrifying moment of their lives, the parents realized he must have wandered into the nearby woods.

After searching the house and circling the property, the parents noticed that their family dog, Buddy the Pit Bull, was also missing. Soon enough, the police were telling citizens to keep an eye out for a three-year-old and his dog. The parents just hoped that the two remains together…little did they know, the boy and his dog did just that!

Buddy the Pit Bull to the Rescue

Buddy the Pit Bull Buddy the Dog
Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

After the mother called the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office, they sent out a K9 search unit. After a short search, luckily, authorities received a call from a neighbor, saying they had found the boy! However, there was a slight problem: while he was with Buddy the Pit Bull, the dog would not let anyone near the boy, keeping guard at all times. Thankfully, once the family arrived, Buddy let his guard down. He had simply been protecting his family!

Even better, neither the child nor the dog were hurt when found. “It was such a good ending to something that could have been tragic,” Sheriff Sam St. John said in an interview with a local news outlet. “We’re all the time putting out tragic news. I’m telling you, it feels so good, so good to tell a good story.”

Buddy The Hero, Ambassador For Pit Bulls

Pit Bull Pit Bulls
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The local police uploaded a Facebook post, sharing the amazing tale of Buddy and his human brother. “Fortunately, we were able to reunite the child with his mother, thanks in part to ‘man’s best friend’ and an alert neighbor,” they ended the post.

As of today, the story has garnered over 80,000 shares and plenty of supportive and loving comments. “Pretty sure that dog would’ve died trying to save that child’s life. I’m glad they were found!” wrote one user. “This story tells, without doubt, this family and the child showed this dog love and compassion. It’s not about breeds being bad; it’s about how they are treated. Good to read a positive post on social media in the times we are living,” said another.

Many pointed out that Buddy is a Pit Bull, a breed typically thought of as aggressive. Unfortunately, this is due to the fact that humans originally bred them for fighting. However, Buddy proved just how loyal and gentle pit bulls genuinely are, regardless of what others think! But these dogs are indeed extremely loyal, loving, and crave cuddles. Still, while they are quite gentle when raised right, they remain one of the most abandoned breeds. Thankfully, organizations like the American Pit Bull Foundation are changing the way people think about pit bulls. And, of course, dogs like Buddy – a true hero and an ambassador of Pitties!

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