California Safety Officers Fixed An Elderly Couple’s Broken Wheelchair Ramp

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California Safety Officers Elderly Couple Wheelchair Ramp
Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety/Facebook

One day, a group of safety officers from California responded to a call from an elderly man in need. While helping, they noticed the wheelchair ramp to the entrance of his house lay in disrepair. So, the officers decided to return and do something incredible for the man and his wife…

The Broken Wheelchair Ramp

California Safety Officers Elderly Couple
Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety/Facebook

Officers are sworn to serve and protect – and some of them believe a part of their duty is to take care of anyone in need they come across. In May, safety officers in Sunnyvale, California received a call about an elderly man who needed immediate medical attention.

Thankfully, the officers, from the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety, responded to the call in time. Within minutes, the man received the help he desperately needed. While there, the officers noticed that the wheelchair ramp that led to the entrance had completely broken down. However, the man and his wife, both elderly, did not have the ability or means to repair it. They lived in constant danger of falling, having to leave their wheelchairs to return home.

So, after making sure the couple had everything they needed, the safety officers left. Then, without thinking twice, the officers came back shortly thereafter with an amazing gift for the couple.

“They Wouldn’t Have Told Anyone About The Act Of Kindness”

Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety
Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety/Facebook

The officers returned with the tools needed to repair the wheelchair ramp – wooden planks, hammers, nails, and even heavy machinery!

The Department of Public Safety uploaded a touching video of the project to their Facebook page, showcasing the officers’ work. “Our officers knew they couldn’t just leave without doing anything about it, so they left to gather supplies needed and came back to repair the ramp,” the captioned the video. The video shows the officers slowly pulling apart the ramp, leaving the foundation that was still sturdy, and re-building the rest of it. Now, the couple can safely get from their sidewalk to their front door without ever leaving their wheelchair!

“Although these officers believe they do not need any special recognition for doing this, we wanted to share this story to show you the often unseen kindness that our officers spread throughout our communities,” the post continued. “This story wouldn’t have been shared had Captain Anderson not been there to record these scenes and these officers wouldn’t have told anyone about their act of kindness.”

Receiving Praise and Thank You

California Safety Officers Elderly Couple Wheelchair Ramp
Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety/Facebook

The new wheelchair ramp didn’t just make the couple’s life easier and safer. The kind act also saved the elderly pair hundreds of dollars, who don’t have a large disposable income. “Everyday officers from across our nation impact the lives of others in ways unnoticed. To all who go above and beyond, thank you,” the Facebook post concluded. The post certainly did its job, going viral quickly after posting. As of this writing, the video’s gained nearly 1,000 shares!

Online users deeply appreciated and loved the good deeds, showering the officers with compliments. One replied, “Thank you for everything you do for everyone! I also want to thank the Dispatchers and all the EMT! You all rock!” Meanwhile, another wrote, “This just makes a heart feel good!! Thank you officers for absolutely everything you all do!” Many others also thanked the officers and wished upon them the kindness they showed others. We could not agree more!