This Man Thought He’d Never See His Cat Again, But A Microchip Changed That

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Owner and Cat Reunited
Mike Marshall/The Berry GEM

For nine long years, a man wondered what happened to his lost cat. Then, after nearly a decade, they finally reunited, all thanks to a microchip. Filled with ups and downs, the story of Marshall and Babsy reminds us all of the importance of microchipping our furry friends.

Meet Marshall And Babsy

Microchip Cat
RSPCA Cymru/Facebook

This is an incredible story with a bittersweet ending – with a valuable lesson at the end. Let’s go back to 2003, when Mike Marshall, who lives in Wales, adopted a beautiful stray cat, named Babsy. The two made a great match: Marshall loved taking care of Babsy, while Babsy loved to be loved. Then, one unfortunate day when Babsy went missing.

Marshall did his best to look for his cat, but came up empty-handed. As the years went by, he assumed someone found and adopted Babsy, or worse, that she had died. However, even though years and years passed, Marshall never fully lost hope – and one fateful day, he received an incredible phone call.

The Importance Of A Microchip

Owner and Cat Reunited
RSPCA Cymru/Facebook

While Marshall wondered where Babsy went, his furry friend had quite the adventure. Obviously, no one will ever discover what Babsy did during that time – but we’d sure like to know! All anyone knows for sure is that, nine years later, the cat ended up at the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), in Bridgend, Wales. At first, the RSPCA could not believe what looked clearly like a stray had a microchip. However, once they scanned it, the RSPCA quickly contacted Marshall.

Marshall could not believe his ears when he heard the news: someone had actually found Babsy! Sure, she had matted fur and clearly lived on the streets, but she was alive! After nearly a decade, Marshall and Babsy would finally reunite. He made his way down to the RSPCA as fast as he could, enjoying a sweet, touching, and nine-years overdue with his good friend. Babsy instantly recognized her owner – but it was clear she’d been through a lot.

A Lesson We Can All Learn

Cat Microchip
Mike Marshall/The Berry GEM

The shelter had taken good care of her, cleaning her up and attending her medical needs, but Babsy still required further medical attention – as her age and time spent out on the streets did take their toll. Babsy couldn’t move very well, and her sight was weak. Nevertheless, after another thorough examination, the vet delivered unfortunate news: Babsy’s health had deteriorated. The vet recommended euthanasia, due to her age and health.

Even though this news was incredibly heartbreaking for Marshall, he knew it was for the best. Babsy got to spend her last days and hours in the arms of her owner who loved her. While the sight of their animal dying can be painful for many owners, vets do recommend staying in the room with them. After all, in their last moments, our four-legged companions shouldn’t look around for their owner, scared. They need us, just like we needed them, so many times over their lives.

The RSCPA posted about the bittersweet journey on Facebook, writing, “Inspector Cooper said: “When I handed her to back to her owner she recognized him instantly and began to purr. It was certainly a goosebump moment! She was then taken to the vets by her owner, but sadly due to her age (20 years old) and her health conditions, the vet said she would not survive the procedures needed and advised her to be put to sleep. She then went home for her last few hours. Such a sad ending to this amazing story of being reunited together.”

While Babsy may have left this world, her legacy lives on as a reminder to microchip your pets. You might be able to be there for them when they need it most.