This Guy Couldn’t Find A Date For Prom, So He Took His Cat Instead

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Prom Cat
Caroline Steingard/Flickr

When a high school graduate couldn’t find a prom date, he decided to take matters into his hands and take his adorable cat, Ruby, as his date. Soon after, the pictures went viral online. Read on to discover this heartwarming tale…

The Guy Who Took His Cat To Prom

Sam Steingard Germantown Maryland
Caroline Steingard/Flickr

For many, prom season is one of the most exciting times of the year. However, if you can’t find a date, the days leading up to prom can be extremely stressful. This was the case for Sam Steingard from Germantown, Maryland. Usually, a teenager would feel dejected or alone. Steingard, on the other hand, decided not to let it ruin his senior prom! So he came up with a most unique and fuzzy idea: Steingard chose to take his beloved cat, Ruby, to the dance.

Ruby is one cute, spoiled house cat. The Steingard family found Ruby as a little kitten behind a Ruby Tuesday’s restaurant, hence her name. After the family adopted Ruby, she quickly became the queen of the house. Ruby loves chilling with the family, and especially with the kids, Sam and his sister Caroline. And, unlike many other cats, Ruby loves being held and petted. In fact, Caroline said that Ruby used to walk her to school when she was younger. But more than everyone, she loves Sam the most.

A Traditional Photoshoot, But Cuter

Prom Cat
Caroline Steingard/Flickr

At first, when Sam came up with the idea of taking Ruby to the prom, he didn’t know how his family would react. However, his mother and sister loved the idea, finding it both hilarious and sweet. So, they quickly joined forces with Sam, determined to make it the best prom of all time. Joanne, the graduate’s mother, bought a little pink sparkly dress and shoes for Ruby. Caroline was in charge of taking photos.

At the photoshoot, Sam looked quite sharp in his prom suit, sporting a pink bow that perfectly matched Ruby’s dress. Ruby’s outfit complimented the overall look, and Sam and his feline date took the traditional pre-prom photos in their front yard. While Ruby didn’t go to the actual dance, the pictures certainly made up for the lack of a date. After Caroline took the photos, she uploaded them to the internet. She had no idea, over the next few days, the images would become one of the biggest viral stories of 2019…

A Massive Support From Online Users

Ruby the Cat Meme

Within a couple of days, the photos of Sam and Ruby quickly spread around the internet. All around the globe, people praised the original idea and rooted for Sam. One commenter put it perfectly: “how did he not find a date?” At the same time, others quickly turned the photos into hilarious memes, like the one above. The two even made it into other people’s happy occasions photos, photoshopped into weddings, home parties, and other events. Meanwhile, it also inspired others to invite their pets into traditional photoshoots!

Now both Sam and Caroline are in college, and whenever they come home, they enjoy every minute they can cuddling the spoiled cat. You can follow adorable Ruby’s life on her Instagram page.