Celebrities Rally To Help Viral Bullied Boy From Australia

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Quaden Bayles Celebrities Disneyland
Yarraka Bayles/Facebook, Ron Adar/Shutterstock

Recently a mother from Australia uploaded a video of her son, a victim of bullying, crying because of his school life. Afterward, the video went viral, causing outrage and heartbreak. Thankfully, celebrities like Hugh Jackman and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are rallying around the young boy to help him out!

The Story of Quaden Bayles

Quaden Bayles Bullying Bullied

Earlier this month, a mother from Australia shared a shocking video online. Yarraka Bayles filmed her nine-year-old son, Quaden, as she picked him up from school. The boy was born with achondroplasia, a genetic order that results in dwarfism and is often bullied at school. The video shows Quaden crying and loudly expressing his pain. He also shares that he suffers from suicidal thoughts. Heartbreakingly, his mother says that the bullying occurs almost every day.

Mrs. Bayles then addresses the school and teachers, asking why no one does anything about the bullying. It’s evident, with her boy in tears and extreme emotional distress, that something needs to be done…

“Let’s Just Be Kind”

Quaden Bayles Celebrities Disneyland
Jeffery Dean Mogan/Twitter, Yarraka Bayles/Facebook, Hugh Jackman/Twitter

Within a day, thousands shared and commented on Bayles’ video. It even made its way to celebrities like Hugh Jackman – who uploaded his own video, encouraging Quaden to remain strong. “Quaden, you are stronger than you know, mate, and no matter what, you have a friend in me,” Jackman said. “Let’s just remember every person in front of us is facing some kind of battle, so let’s just be kind.”

Meanwhile, a host of other celebrities responded: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Eric Trump, and many others shared love and support to Quaden and his family. All around the world, witter and Facebook users reached out to the family, offering stories of how they dealt with bullying.

The most impressive move came from comedian Brad Williams, who also has dwarfism. Williams said that Quaden is a “wonderful human being who deserves joy,” and then set up a GoFundMe page to send Quaden and his family to Disneyland. Initially, the page had a goal of AUS $10,000 – which it reached in just a couple of days! As of this writing, the fund sits at nearly $500,000!

Raising Awareness

Quaden Bayles Bullying Bullied
Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Quickly after the video went viral, internet trolls began spreading conspiracy theories. Some claimed that the family had faked the footage, that Quaden was actually 18, or that they already had plenty of money. However, these stories were quickly debunked. Quaden is indeed a nine-year-old boy. Still, some did feel that uploading this sensitive video of her son to social media could be harmful in the long run for the boy, as everything on the internet is permanent.

In response, Mrs. Bayles said she wants to raise awareness of how horrible bullying can become. She also wants to show how helpless parents can feel when others bully their children. Bayles believes the video ultimately helped the conversation around bullying, as it sparked a conversation and shined a light on what children can experience.

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