You’ll Look At These Celebrity Siblings And Go “Oh! Right!”

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Kate Mara Sister

In Hollywood, you often have to be connected to the right people to climb to the top. Sometimes those connections are even by blood. There are so many actors and actresses whose parents and children are in showbiz. We’ll give you a rundown of some celebrity siblings that will make you go, “Oh! Right! They are related!”

Luke and Owen Wilson

Wilson Brothers
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Everyone knows who Luke and Owen Wilson are – but since they don’t look alike, it’s easy to forget that they are brothers. Owen is three years older than Luke. They were both born in Dallas, Texas where their mother was a photographer, and had a great influence on the brothers’ career.

The duo made their first on-screen appearance in Bottle Rocket, a crime-comedy co-written by Owen and Wes Anderson. Their next shared cameo was in Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums. The siblings even portrayed the iconic Wright brothers in Around the World in 80 Days. They’ve naturally appeared in many movies apart, but we’re certainly hoping they’ll bless us with a new film featuring them both in leading roles.

Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez

Charlie Sheen Brother
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Sheen and Estevez were always surrounded by talent. They went to school with Rob Lowe and Sean Penn and their father is the legendary Martin Sheen (the immortal Apocalypse Now)! Sheen used to direct films on his Super-8 camera, while his brother and future Hollywood star-friends appeared in them.

At the beginning of their career, the Staten Island born-and-raised siblings chose to appear in the1988 western, Young Guns. Estevez portrayed Billy the Kid and Sheen, four years younger than his brother Emilio, portrayed Dick Brewer. They later rejoined forces in the film Men At Work, and the Two And A Half Men star featured his brother a few times on the show.

Shirley MacLaine and Warren Beatty

Warren Beatty Sister

These icons were born three years apart, in Richmond, Virginia, Beatty being the younger sibling. It seems like their parents knew their children were going to be huge Hollywood stars from the start, albeit subconsciously. MacLaine had weak ankles as an infant and would trip and fall at every misstep, so her mother sent her to ballet lessons. This peeked MacLaine’s interest in theater arts and she went on to act in several plays. Beatty’s greatest passion as a teenager and a young adult were movies; he often took his little sister with him. This continued love of the arts blossomed into fabulous careers for both of these celebrity siblings!

Rooney and Kate Mara

Kate Mara Sister

Kate (right) – who is two years older than Mara – starred in House of Cards in seasons 1 and 2 as the smart, cunning reporter Zoe Barnes. You’ll probably recognize Rooney’s face from the titular role in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The ladies were born into a billionaire football family,  their great-grandfather being the founder of the New York Giants. Yes, the celebrity siblings were born and raised in Bedford, New York, just a 40-minute drive from Manhattan.

Kate and Mara only joined forces once, in a community theater production of The Wizard of Oz, before taking separate paths. Kate was the one who got Rooney into acting, as she was in the industry since the age of 14. Ever since, the Mara sisters have grown into talented actresses, both continuing to take on challenging roles.

Robyn and Blake Lively

Celebrity Siblings
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This one was a little harder to figure out since Robyn is fifteen years Blake’s senior and the two are only half-sisters. Still, the celebrity siblings are close, and they come from a long line of Hollywood royalty. Their mother, Elaine, worked as a famous talent scout in LA where she met Blake’s father, actor Ernie Lively (The Man On The MoonPassenger 52). Blake stars in high-profile films and TV shows (Gossip Girl, The Town). Robyn was a child star, and later starred in the 1989 hit movie Teen Witch, where she snagged the leading role of Louise Miller. Fun fact – Robyn starred in six episodes of the first season of Twin Peaks back in the early 90s!