You Can Now Donate To Charities With These ‘Giving Vending Machines’

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Charity Vending Machines
Kristin Murphy/Deseret News

Throughout December, a number of charity vending machines, through which you could donate to charities, are operating in Denver, Colorado. These charity vending machines make it so easy to donate to worthy causes, like providing toys to low-income families or clean water to Africa. This is what the holiday season is all about!

The Charity Vending Machines

Charity Vending Machines
Latter-Day Saint Charities

These days, people care too much about presents and have forgotten the real reason for the season: to help those less fortunate than you! And this winter, it’s easier than ever to give back! Well, if you live in Denver, Colorado, that is. Earlier this month, the Church of the Latter-Day Saints Charities and Catholic Charities unveiled their newest creation: a charity vending machine that lets you donate to many different local and global charities! The “Light the World Giving Machine” works like any other vending machine: you put money in, use the buttons to select the charity, and donate! It’s that simple!

“It’s just like walking up to a machine and getting a candy bar. But you are supporting families around Denver, and around the world just by pushing a button,” said Amy Johnson, who works for one of the charities represented. There are also options to donate books, glasses, clothes, toys, the list goes on! You can even buy an impoverished family an animal to raise on their farm!

Caring For The Community, And The World

Vending Machines For Charity
Gil Calinga

According to Darren Walsh, the president and CEO of Catholic Charities, there are only ten machines so far. “From our perspective, you have the ability to give diapers to needy families, or warm meals to those experiencing homelessness across our community.”

Sarah Twis became one of the first people to use a charity vending machine. “We’re so blessed, and there is such an abundance in our world, it’s easy to forget that something like a chicken can make a big difference in someone else’s world,” she said. “It’s cool to get beyond ourselves and share with people who really need it.”

Not only that, but the machines are also fun! Let’s face it, there’s something strangely alluring about vending machines. They’re almost like slot machines! Thankfully, these companies have found a way to harness that power for good! Plus, there are simply so many great causes to give to…

A Vast Variety Of Charities To Donate To

Vending Machines For Charity
Kristin Murphy/Deseret News

Each item in the charity vending machine supports a different cause, so there are many to donate to! Of course, significant charities, like Unicef, are represented. However, there are also many lesser-known organizations, like the Black Child Development Institute, Water for People, and many others. Another incredible charity option the machine offers is an organization called the Mile High Ministries. It’s a nonprofit that helps people who’re struggling with homelessness or are currently transitioning out of it.

Unfortunately, these machines only exist in Denver for the time. However, there’s a chance the organizations that made them will expand next year! For the time being, if you live in Denver, make sure to check the machines out. You can find them in Writer’s Square off 16th and Lawrence, in downtown Denver.

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