Australian Couple Discovers A 10-Foot Python Wrapped Around Their Christmas Tree

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Christmas Tree Python
Leanne Chapman/7 News

The holidays are here! And with them come all the seasonal festivities: buying presents, putting up a Christmas tree, decorating the house, and so on. However, for one Australian couple, their annual ornament hanging tradition came with a huge surprise – quite literally! When they arrived home, hey discovered something surprising and more than a little scary: a 10-foot python wrapped around their Christmas Tree!

Discovering The Giant Python

Christmas Tree Python
Leanne Chapman/7 News

Without a doubt, this story sounds like something out of a Christmas horror film. Leanne Chapman, from Brisbane, Australia, and her partner went to the store to buy a tree. They haven’t noticed anything unusual about it; after all, what could go wrong while buying a Christmas tree? Happy with their purchase, the loving couple went home and unloaded the tree onto their balcony. At first, everything seemed fine. However, soon enough, a strange commotion erupted on their balcony. “We came home from work, and there’s a couple of butcher birds that visit every day, and they were just kicking off on the balcony, going crazy,” Chapman told local Channel 7 News in an interview.

Intrigued, Chapman’s partner started filming the commotion, using the tree as support. That’s when he noticed something that will likely haunt his nightmares forever: a ten-foot python snake had wrapped itself around their Christmas tree!

Now, most people would immediately freak out and run for the hills – but not Champan and her partner! After all, they live in Australia! So, the couple put on their bravest faces and decided just to leave the snake alone and let it depart on its own time. Still, we’re sure they made sure they tightly closed their balcony door and locked it for good measure.

“It Was A Beautiful Snake”

Python in Christmas Tree

While it did take its own time, the snake eventually slithered away from the Chapman home. “It wasn’t bothered by us. It just stayed there for a good few hours as we watched it through the window,” Chapman said.

Believe it or not, the couple never realized the size of the giant snake, until internet commenters pointed it out. Still, while the python in the Chapman’s Christmas tree was large, they can get even more massive! In fact, pythons can reach up to 23 feet and weigh over 250 pounds! “After the initial shock wore off, it was a really beautiful snake,” Chapman added later.

Of course, as we all know, this whole story could have ended far worse. Thankfully, the Chapmans were smart enough not to touch, harass, or irritate the snake. If you should ever encounter a snake in an area it is not supposed to be in, please stay away and immediately call your local Animal Control. They’ll give you the best course of action, perhaps even coming and removing it for you.

Keep safe and have a wonderful Christmas!

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