This Circus Uses Holograms Instead Of Real Animals To Fight Animal Cruelty

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Optoma EMEA/YouTube

The Circus Roncalli in Germany is trying something a little different, something that’s taking the world by storm. For the first time in history, the show will not feature real wild animals. Instead, guests will enjoy an incredible hologram display. One that not only entertains, but teaches the audience as well…

The First Circus To Replace Animals With Holograms

In 2019, it seems like anything’s possible. Now, a legendary circus in Germany wants to show just what’s possible in this modern era. The Roncalli Circus has been delighting German audiences since 1976. The company, like many others, have frequently used animals in the past. And while Roncalli maintains its animals were treated well in the past, this isn’t the case around the world. All over the globe, entertainment industry and circus trainers hurt and abuse animals for audiences’ pleasure. Thankfully, in the past decade, many organizations have started rising to action to prevent this type of cruelty.

And Circus Roncalli wants to help! So, they’ve stepped up to the plate and purposefully replaced animals with hologram versions of them. They hope to show everyone that you don’t need real animals to put on a great show.

The Beautiful, Important Holograms Show

Animal Holograms
Optoma EMEA/YouTube

Roncalli Circus teamed up with Bluebox and Optoma, two hologram technology companies. Working together, they’ve designed a beautiful hologram show of animals in the circus. Every show has ten laser projectors and dozens of animals “dancing” around the arena – without having to use any live ones!

The managers of the circus determined years ago they want to raise awareness against animal cruelty. Of course, many activists have called out models for wearing fur, and many celebs like Pamela Anderson and Brad Pitt are active and vocal about this cause. Even though more and more people are aware and against this horrible issue, some circuses who abuse animals for entertainment fly under the radar, as there is no official government supervision for it. However, countries like the U.K. will ban the use of wild animals in shows by 2020; hopefully, many countries will follow suit.

Joining The Cause

Optoma EMEA/YouTube

So what do audiences think? Well, the reviews for Circus Roncalli have been amazing! Audiences absolutely love the cause the circus is fighting for – without being “preachy,” but rather giving audiences a beautiful show, which makes them think about the place wild animals have on our planet and shouldn’t have in shows.

The idea of an animal laser show rather than real-life animals is new and innovative. It doesn’t take away from the “wow” factor when going to a circus; in fact, it’s a fun, entertaining, and educational show for the entire family.

If this is a cause that interests you or is close to your heart, please check out this page for more information.