Cows Escape Slaughterhouse, Run Amok In California Neighborhood

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Cows Escape Slaughterhouse, Run Amok In California Neighborhood - 0
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In California, animals decided to fight back! Believe it or not, a herd of cows escaped a slaughterhouse in the state and brought the local town to a standstill – even hurting some citizens along the way…

Lucky Cows Escape Slaughterhouse

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When cows recently decided to escape from a slaughterhouse in Pico Rivera, a town outside of Los Angeles, they decided to take the fight to the locals. A Los Angeles chopper footage followed the animals as they tried to escape, as well locals with their cellphones. Although their day started calm, things turned rather quickly. By the end, one unlucky family even became mildly injured when they found themselves in the way of a herd running down the street. It all started around 7:00 PM, after a worker accidentally left open a gate at a meatpacking facility.

The cows then went on a roughly one-mile walk, before arriving at Pico Rivera. At that point, seven police cars showed up, and deputies tried to keep the loose herd together as long as possible. They were waiting for a wildlife welfare mounted enforcement detail to arrive with horse trailers. However, the task proved even more challenging than they initially imagined…

California Citizens Fight Back

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Once the police arrived, it seemed only to agitate the animals more and more. The cows started to rebel, charging through town, and even at locals! Unfortunately, their charge ultimately hurt one family, as previously mentioned, resulting in one of the deputies shooting one cow. Thankfully, it was the one and only incident that happened that day. Paramedics quickly transported the family to their hospital, where they received professional treatment.

Still, the others there on that day did not have a great time. Pico Rivera City Manager Steve Carmona said he needed to jump out of the way multiple times. He even had to jump into a car as cows charged at him full speed! “It was a pretty scary ordeal,” he explained. Thankfully, once the Sheriff Department’s mounted patrol unit arrived, they successfully managed to wrangle them into trailers. “Of the forty [cows], thirty-eight were safely captured, one was shot, and one has not been located,” the Department announced the following day. By 9:50 PM, less than three hours later, the cows had been returned to the slaughterhouse.

Not long after the incident, videos of the escape and stampede went viral. Meanwhile, many are still looking for one of the cows who managed to escape police capture! As of this writing, the Sheriff stated that it’s still “out and about.”

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