After A Little Girl’s Father Passed, A Police Officer Took Her To A Daddy-Daughter Dance

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Police Officer Daddy-Daughter Dance
Nicol J. Harvey/People Magazine

When this police officer heard about a little girl who could not attend her Daddy-Daughter Dance, as her father had recently passed away, he knew what he had to do! So, without a second thought, he took her to the dance and made sure she had the best night possible!

Meet 8-Year-Old Avery Cox

Police Officer Daddy-Daughter Dance
Angelia Bernard/People Magazine

This year, despite the chaotic news cycle, we’ve already been blessed with some fabulous stories of incredible people with big hearts – and here’s yet another! Over the holidays, eight-year-old Avery Cox lost her father, both of whom are pictured above. Of course, its been an absolute tragedy for the Cox family. To make matters even worse, little Avery had a Daddy-Daughter dance coming up at her Van Buren District elementary school when her father passed. Afterward, Avery believed she would not get to attend at all – and then something wonderful happened!

A local police officer, Cpl. Nick Harvey, learned about Mr. Cox’s passing, and Avery’s dilemma, though fellow community members. When he heard the little girl’s problem, he knew he could not let her down. “I reached out to the mother. The mother came and said it was okay because the last thing I wanted to do was to get rejected by a second-grader,” Harve joked in an interview with KFSM radio. The police officer also suggested that other cops reach out to kids without fathers, so no one would feel left out.

The Daddy-Daughter Dance

After Mrs. Cox approved, Harvey asked little Avery personally – to which she happily said yes! Apparently, she felt “thrilled” to attend her first-ever Daddy-Daughter Dance, she told the radio show. “I was excited because I never, ever went, and it would be my first time, and I actually had been wanting to go.”

Meanwhile, Harvey simply felt happy that he could make the little girl’s dream come true. He planned a special evening – starting picking Avery up in his police car! Harvey even wore a black suit with a red tie and pocket square that matched the little girl’s dress. Then, the pair met up with Avery’s friends and their Daddy-Daughter Dance dates, enjoyed a meal of pizza, and rode all together in a limo to the dance. And the little girl loved every bit of it! “It meant a lot because I actually got to go and see all my friends there, and then, I got to go with him and have a lot of fun,” Avery shared.

It was also a special night for the police officer, whose daughters are all grown up and are “too old” for these kinds of dances. “I embarrassed myself a little bit. [I] danced, [but] I can’t dance at all,” Harvey joked.

One Blessed Police Officer

Police Officer Daddy Daughter Dance
Nick Harvey/Facebook

As all good elementary school dances do, the night ended with ice cream! “She’s an awesome kid,” Harvey said after dropping the second-grader off. Harvey added that he’ll happily take her to any future father-daughter dances in the future.

The next day, the police officer shared his experience on Facebook, writing, “I am so blessed to have been placed in a position where I get to have moments like these. Tonight, I had the absolute honor of escorting this amazing and beautiful little girl, Avery to the Daddy-Daughter Dance. We had so much fun riding in an awesome limousine, eating dinner, and letting loose and being goofy.”

Harvey ended his post by admiring how his job allows him such opportunities. “I love my job for so many reasons. But reasons like this make my job the best job for me. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.”

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