‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 27: Fiancés at Home, Competitors on DWTS

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Everyone loves a good love story, especially one that ends in a wedding. But let’s face it, everyone loves a great competition even more. Well, in Season 27 of Dancing with the Stars, fans will get to experience both, side by side! If you’re not a DWTS fan, we’ll bring you up to speed on exactly who Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy are and why this season will be so different.

The Adorable Dancing Duo

Dancing with the Stars
Jenna Johnson/Twitter

Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson aren’t new to competition, as both have been dancing professionally for nearly two decades. After placing third on So You Think You Can Dance, Johnson joined Dancing with the Stars in 2013. After a few seasons, she quickly made her way to pro-dancer status. Since becoming a pro-dancer, Johnson has won once: last season with figure skater Adam Rippon.

Chmerkovskiy, meanwhile, is a Dancing with the Stars veteran. After winning the World Latin Dance Champions twice, he joined the show in the second season. Since then, he’s been an on again, off again pro-dancer, participating in sixteen of the following seasons, taking home the gold twice. Most recently, in season 26, he was the partner to Olympic swimmer and ESPN correspondent, Victoria Arlen.

Johnson and Chmerkovskiy met in 2015 while working on the show, and have been dating on-and-off since. Their relationship became stable and serious in 2017, and the duo even shared an iconic kiss in the finale of season 25. The couple announced their engagement while in Venice, Italy, this past June.

This Season’s Competition

Dancing with the Stars

Season 27 will mark the first time the couple are facing off on the Dancing with the Stars dance floor since they began dating. This season, Chmerkovskiy’s partner is former The Facts of Life actress Nancy McKeon. Johnson, meanwhile, will dance with Bachelorette‘s Joe “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile.

As for competing against a loved one? Chmerkovskiy said in an interview with People magazine, “It’ll be fun. We’re a team in the household, but on the dance floor my responsibility is really to make sure Nancy has an awesome experience, and part of that experience will, at some point, entail beating Joe, and that will be a really difficult moment to come home to.”

He adds, “…it’s really all about our partners. Our personal stuff is secondary.”

Well, good luck to Chmerkovskiy. We can’t say he doesn’t have the confidence of a winner.

Dancing With the Stars And Wedding Rehearsals

Dancing with the Stars
Val Chmerkovskiy/Instagram

As the season premiered earlier this month, the show is still early in its run, but the competition will get tighter and tighter. And that can be a lot to manage while also trying to plan one of the biggest days of your life! Recently, the couple was asked how the wedding plans are going. Johnson replied, “it is kind of at a halt right now. But it’s exciting, it’s fun. All I do is scroll on Pinterest and look at things, it’s amazing.”

There’s nothing we love more than a healthy competition! And knowing the participants are also about to get married just makes it all more fun, dramatic, and entertaining. We are sure both Chmerkovskiy and Johnson will have some killer moves and routines for us with their dancing partners. We wish them both the best of luck on the show and with their wedding!