Family Dog and Wild Bear Work Together On Brilliant Scheme

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Dog and Bear Trade Bones For Trash
Jesse Jordan/Twitter, worldswildlifewonders/Shutterstock

If you think your dog can cause mayhem around your yard, check out this story. Earlier this month, a Canadian man, Jesse Jordan, uploaded a hilarious story about his family dog on Twitter. In his tweets, Jordan presented some proof that his dog recently joined forces with a wild bear, in a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” scenario. Here’s the hysterical animal friendship story that went viral!

Meet Jesse And Brickleberry The Dog

Dog and Bear Trade Bones For Trash
Jesse Jordan/Twitter

Jesse Jordan, of Northern Ontario, is a father and dog owner. His dog, Brickleberry or “Brick” for short, often sleeps outside to protect the family. In an interview with People, Jordan explained that he kept coming out to his trash spewed across his lawn. This isn’t something Brick ever does. Furthermore, the family dog usually barks if anything comes near the house. That’s when he noticed Brick chewing on something. At first, Jordan thought he had grabbed a stick or something. “But it turned out to be a big chunk of bone that absolutely wasn’t anything I had bought him,” Jordan said. That’s when he started developing his theory.

Afterward, Jordan tweeted, “My idiot furry son has one job at night – bark at things and make them go away. Easy, right? However, a bear has learned that my furry son can be bought. This is the third time he’s been gifted deer bones in exchange for being allowed access to my trash, and he keeps doing it.” Jordan did admit, he has not yet caught the dog in action, as he suspects the ordeal happens in the middle of the night.

This funny tweet quickly went viral, with over 400,000 retweets and shares. Brick the silly, smart dog became an overnight internet sensation. Jordan wrote in another tweet that he always knew Brick would be a smart dog. After all, he is a mix of hound, mastiff, and Beagle, all intelligent breeds. He raised him since he was a puppy, and Brick loves “kids, and apparently bears.” Well, and apparently, bones!

What The Markets Bears

Dog and Bear Trade Bones For Trash
Jesse Jordan/Twitter

Some Twitter users did raise concerns for the safety of Brick sleeping outside if bears freely roam around. However, Jordan assured everyone that there’s nothing to be afraid of. The bears in the area do not harm animals and people, and they know where to get their food. “This time of year, black bears are notorious for raiding trash bins, camps, cottages, orchards. Literally, anything that smells like food,” Joran later explained on Twitter.

While some worried about Brick, others found the humor in the whole situation. They left hilarious comments, such as, “This is the correct take, if you gave him deer bones, he would bark to protect the bones from the bear. Pay your workers!” Another commenter left a hysterical joke: “The dog is simply being paid what the market will bear.”

Just like everyone else, we are looking forward to hearing any developments in this strange and cute exchange! We have three words for Jordan: night vision camera!