EMT Worker Who Survived Coronavirus Inspires American Girl Doll

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EMT Worker Coronavirus American Girl Doll
April O’Quinn/Yahoo

Coronavirus has made one thing abundantly clear: the world would be devastated without first responders and essential workers. Incredibly one EMT worker managed to go above and beyond the normal line of duty. After contracting COVID-19 and recovering, she returned right to work. So, it’s no surprise that she’s now earned her own American Girl Doll! Read on to discover her incredible tale…

Submitted In Secret

April O'Quinn COVID Toys
April O’Quinn/Yahoo

Companies worldwide are doing something special for frontline workers, nurses, doctors, and all those fighting the coronavirus pandemic. But the American Girl Doll company plans on doing something incredibly special. They’re currently creating a unique line of toys to honor essential workers, called “Heroes With Heart.” When deciding on which characters to develop, American Girl Doll asked for ideas from little girls all around the country. One of the little girls who hear this call was Lacey from Richmond, Virginia, the 13-year-old niece of an EMT worker. In her letter to American Girl Doll, Lacey told an incredible story about her aunt, April O’Quinn. April had not only contracted COVID while working, but immediately returned to work after recovering.

Lacey sent off her letter without even asking her aunt’s permission first! “She called me and asked, she wanted to know if it was okay, even though she had already signed me up,” April O’Quinn recalled. The submission included picking a picture. “She said, ‘I chose this picture, I hope this picture is okay, is that alright?’ And I told her it was good, that I like the picture! I didn’t think I had a chance, but I knew this was something important to her.” Of course, April did not think she had any chance of winning…

An EMT Worker American Girl Doll

EMT Worker Coronavirus American Girl Doll
April O’Quinn/Yahoo

However, soon enough, the O’Quinns recieved a fantastic call from the American Girl Doll company: April had won! “When April finally healed and released back to work, she didn’t hesitate for one moment,” the company said in a post explaining their decision.

Incredibly, the limited edition doll looks exactly like the picture of her aunt that Lacey included in her submission. The doll features curly red hair, a bright red bandana bow, and a blue jumpsuit with fun patches! You can see a photo of Lacey with it above. “Having this doll created to look like me has been the hugest honor I could ever have,” April said. “They’re not selling them, but we’re trying to get American Girl to create these as a regular line of dolls.” Lacey loves this doll as well and brings it with her everywhere she goes. On the whole, the O’Quinns are very happy with the outcome.

“I never expected this to go as far as it has gone,” April said. “…I never expected it to reach the amount of people that it has reached, and (for me) to be the face and the inspiration for all the little girls that are coming up and looking for something to be inspired by.”

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