Rare Rock That Looks Exactly Like Cookie Monster Could Fetch $100K

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Cookie Monster Rock
Mike Bowers/Facebook

You might think this little rock simply looks like the famous character, the Cookie Monster. However, collectors are willing to pay upwards of $100,000 for this one-of-a-kind rock! Read on to find out why…

Dull From The Inside, Bright Inside

Sesame Street Collectibles
Mike Bowers/Facebook

You expect to find your favorite television characters in nature. However, Mike Bowers, an environmental geologist from Denver, Colorado, and his colleague, Lucas Fassari, made an incredible find recently. Fassari found a spectacular rock at a formation in the Rio Grande region near Soledade, Brazil. On the outside, the stone might look normal, but inside it holds a fantastic secret…

Upon split the rock open, they found it looked exactly like the world-famous character from Sesame Street, Cookie Monster! Not only that, but it’s also a beautiful blue quartz crystal – enough to take the breath away! You can see why Bowers wanted to share this incredible rock with the world. “This is very unusual! There are a few famous agates out there: the owl, the scarred face,” Bowers shared on Facebook. “There are many approximate ones but rare to find clear well-defined like that.”

Now, some collectors are offering big bucks for a chance to own the Cookie Monster rock. More than Bowers and Fassari could have ever imagined!

The Rising Price of the Cookie Monster Rock

Cookie Monster Rock

Browers feels confident he and Fassari have the best Cookie Monster rock on Earth. “I think this is probably the most perfect Cookie Monster out there. I have seen others but here you have it complete (both sides).” He also added that, due to its nature, many are willing to pay through the roof prices for the object. “Prices can be very high. I was proposed over $10,000 by five different buyers.” And, just as Bowers predicted, after he posted, the rock soon went viral. Now, according to the Daily Star, there’s a bidding war going on for the stone, with some ready to spend even more than $100,000! Only time will tell how much the geologists actually fetch for the incredible Cookie Monster rock…

Believe it or not, it’s not the first time that someone has discovered a Sesame Street character hiding in nature. In 2018, when NASA published pictures of the Mars surface, fans were quick to notice that one of the patches on the Red Planet looks like Beaker! Although he’s far from the most prominent character on the show, everyone remembers Beaker and quickly recognized his face in the frozen formation. Who knows where a Sesame Street character will end up next?

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