How You Can Help During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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How To Donate During Coronavirus
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With over 700,000 infected all over the world, over 35,000 dead and millions unemployed, the coronavirus pandemic has taken a devastating toll on the planet. Almost everyone has felt the impact in one way or another. However, in these face of these grim statistics, things do not have to remain that way. There are many ways you can help those hardest hit from COVID-19.

Sometimes, a helping hand can simply brighten another’s day during these dark times. Other times, giving up just a bit of your suddenly free time can actually save lives! From volunteering from the safety of your own home to donating money or resources to the organizations that need them most, here’s what you can do for your community and country, in this time of crisis.

Volunteering In Your Community

How To Volunteer During Coronavirus

Of course, there is one incredibly simple way to help out right now, that costs no more or effort: stay home! By staying home and washing your hands, you’ll help flatten the curve, a crucial step in defeating the coronavirus. Meanwhile, check in on your family, friends, and especially your elderly neighbors. A simple text, phone call, video chat can make someone’s day, even more so if they’re alone or in isolation.

Looking for something else to help your community? You can offer to help connect the elderly to computers, the internet, and video platforms – all while keeping 6 feet apart, of course! Many older adults have difficulties with technology, making it impossible for them to connect to loved ones during a quarantine. Helping them could mean the difference between them talking to their loved ones or not! You could also offer walking a quarantined or immune-compromised person’s dog or look into your local Meals on Wheels charity.

You can also help local, family-owned businesses: shop at mom-and-pop grocery stores, order take-out from smaller restaurants, and the like. Don’t like the idea of ordering take-out? No worries, head online, and pick up a gift card! The business will earn the money now, and you’ll be able to treat yourself to a meal there when they reopen!

Donating Important Causes

How To Help During Coronavirus
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Many around the world find them bank accounts hurting right now. However, if you have some extra money to spend, consider donating to those hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Over the past few months, many GoFundMe pages have been created to raise money for various causes related to COVID-19. From providing medical gear for first responders to raising money for food banks, there’s certainly something on this list of GoFundMe pages you’ll want to donate to. Even a dollar donation can make a difference. Can’t volunteer with Meals on Wheel? Considering donating to help them deliver meals to those who cannot afford them.

Meanwhile, also take a moment to take a look at where your community could use some money. A beautiful initiative in Israel, started on Facebook, helped locals support medical workers in any way they could. From free babysitting to donated lunches, the results have been amazing! In fact, hospitals around the world have reported mysterious benefactors buying medical workers large orders of free pizza, take-out, or the like. Something to consider!

However, you don’t need to perform some massive gesture either. Help in any way you can. Call your grandma, check-in on a friend, donate if you can, and, most importantly, stay home and stay safe. We can overcome COVID-19 if we remain apart – together.

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