After Little Boy Calls 911 Because He’s Hungry, The Cops Bring Him Pizza

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Hungry Boy 911 Pizza Cops
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Last week, a little boy from Florida called 911, saying he felt very hungry. So, as any good cops would, some officers brought him over some pizza! They also took the time to teach the boy a valuable, lifelong lesson and snap some cute pics! Here’s your piece of good news for the day…

The Hungry Boy Who Called 911 For Pizza

Sanford Police Department Pizza Hut Florida
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As we all know, a police officer’s duty is to serve and protect. And sometimes, “serve and protect” can mean other things – like an affectionate gesture towards a little Florida boy. On August 2nd, the Sanford Police Department uploaded a heartwarming story to Facebook. Earlier in the day, a local boy called 911, saying he was starving and wanted a pizza. According to the post, first and foremost, the 911 dispatcher made sure the child was safe.

The post said that the younger brother snagged the sister’s phone, “without her knowledge.” Technically, the illegal use of 911 is a crime in Florida. However, instead of ignoring, dismissing, or scolding the boy, some officers believed they had an “opportunity to teach about the proper use of 911.” So, they hatched a plan that would bring everyone together!

Learning A Lesson

Hungry Boy 911 Pizza Cops
Sanford Police Department/Facebook

A little while after the boy placed his 911 call, some officers arrived at his house. A trio of officers personally hand-delivered a Pizza Hut pizza to the hungry boy’s house and even took a photo with him, which the department uploaded with the story. As you can see, the boy looks absolutely happy, smiling from ear to ear. Afterward, they also taught the boy when to use 911 (not when you’re hungry) and how it’s not so cool to take your sister’s phone.

In the evening, the Sanford Police Department uploaded the picture and the story. Quickly, the post went viral, catching the attention of many users and media outlets. The sweet and educational gesture captured the hearts of many, who felt the officers taught a crucial lesson, in a heartfelt and yummy way.

“God Bless The Policemen”

Sanford Police Department Pizza Hut Florida
Sanford Police Department/Facebook

Across the country, Facebook users responded very well to the post. One wrote, “Thanks to the kindness of all the police with this issue he didn’t commit a crime & a very nice gesture from the cops. It also could have been a different story that we hear about all too often. God bless the policemen. Amen.”

Another wrote, “Nice gesture, and lovely smile officers, now the kid knows that police are our friends.”

Lately, we’ve been hearing plenty about gestures of kindness from police officers from all over the country. They went above and beyond, spent their personal time and money, making sure individuals and communities are feeling safe. From the officer who bought a car for a woman who walked six miles to work, to the cops who built a wheelchair ramp for an elderly couple who couldn’t afford one. The Sanford Police Department officers are just more of the many who work every day to make communities safer and stronger.