This Adorable Bear Loves Jacuzzis and Margaritas

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Margarita Bear
Mark Hough/Youtube

Everybody has #SummerGoals. For some of us, its get the perfect beach tan or attend our favorite summer concert tour. But an adorable bear in California had different plans. If this cute cub doesn’t melt your heart, we don’t know what will!

Some Fun In The Sun With A Surprise Guest

Altadena Bear

Mark Hough, from Altadena, California, thought his day would be just like any other summer afternoon. After coming home from work, he made some margaritas for himself and his wife and sat by the pool, ready to enjoy another beautiful California day. Then, Hough heard rustling and crackling noises from his neighbors’ side of the yard but thought nothing. That is until a bear suddenly entered his yard.

The Bear Necessities

Jacuzzi Bear
Mark Hough/Youtube

Luckily, Hough acted quickly. He and his wife grabbed their dogs and ran inside. The only thing Hough left behind was his margarita. His smart wife took hers inside. Clearly, she’s got her priorities straight.

Then the couple saw from inside their home the bear, who is just a cub, carefully lower itself into their jacuzzi. That’s right, the cuddly cub took a dip in their hot tub. Hough filmed from a safe, 15-foot distance and said the bear was cute and unbothered.

Then, the story gets even better. Remember how Hugh left his margarita outside? Well, the bear tipped over the glass and sipped the margarita. This cub knows that it’s rude to¬†waste a drink! After the five-star Jacuzzi spa treatment and boozy drink, the cub climbed up an oak tree and took a nap, because why not? It’s very tiring treating yourself on a summer afternoon.

PSA: Please, never approach a wild bear if you come across one. They are wild animals and can be dangerous. Just call your local animal control department, who will be able to handle the situation.

Dip, Sip, Rest, Goodbye

Hot Tub Bear
Mark Hough/Youtube

After a couple of hours, the cub disappeared. Perhaps Mama Bear was nearby, or maybe the cub was just doing a garden-crawl, testing people’s jacuzzis and loading up on drinks. The same day, the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department reported it received six additional calls about bear sightings.

Here’s to you, Mr. Cuddly Cub! You know what’s good in life. Cheers.