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A Japanese Manufacturer Will Replicate Your Pet’s Face Onto A Mask For $2,700

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Japanese Realistic Pet Mask
nekotsuru TV/Youtube

Around the world, pets are a huge part of many families. They’re our little fur babies, our fluffy, four-legged kids. If you ever wished you could look like their biological relative, well, here’s your chance: a Japanese company will make a realistic pet mask for you, using 3D printing and hand-crafted designs.

The Japanese Pet Mask

Japanese Realistic Pet Mask
nekotsuru TV/Youtube

If you own a pet, you know just how many formerly-human-only services now exist for your animal. There’s grooming, customized accessories and clothing, and, of course, pet birthday parties, weddings, and “Bark Mitzvahs.” Plus, we talk to our pets all the time, like they understand us. So why not turn it around? How about a service that lets you look like your pet!

A Japanese company can now replicate your beloved pet’s face into a mask. To some, this idea might sound a little extreme, or creepy; however, many pet enthusiasts love the out-there idea!

91, a Japanese modeling studio, offers the service, which they’ve titled “My Family.” The creations are created in partnership with Shindo Rinka, a creative planning office. They carefully craft each mask by hand, making it as similar as possible to the pet in question. 91 is quite an advanced modeling studio, so the masks look particularly realistic.

Truly Fine Craftsmanship

Japanese Realistic Pet Mask
nekotsuru TV/Youtube

The modeling studio’s service is quite innovative: we’ve certainly never heard of replicating your pet’s face and making it into a mask for you. Still, the ordering process seems relatively straight forward. You being by filling out an order form and choosing what your mask will be made from. Then, you need to send in multiple photographs of your pet’s face from every angle. Once 91 Studio receives photos from pet owners, they begin by printing a 3D mold. Next, they use the mold to create the basic mask. From there, artists work hard to create the perfect mask using paint, faux fur, and the photos provided.

While the pet mask is cool, it’s not all that 91 sells. On their website, they also sell orangutan and rhino masks that look incredible! Whether you’re looking to trick your cat into thinking you’re kin, or just looking for some outstanding Halloween wear, 91 has you covered. For a price, of course. Just how much will an incredible pet mask cost you? Well, it’s not cheap…

The Cost Of A Pet Mask

This service, while cute and amusing, is quite expensive. After all, the company is using some incredible technology to build these pet masks. In total, a pet mask will set you back anywhere from $2,100 to $2,700 (¥300,000), depending on the complexity of the design. As of right now, it is unclear whether international shipping is available. So, if your stateside and want a pet mask, you might have to wait just a little bit longer!

We’re sure many pet owners are already sprinting to the computer to order a pet mask. However, we’re just waiting until they have human masks for pets to wear. Until then, we’ll have to make do with cute pet costumes!