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Created by a TikTok influencer Ava Lee, a new skincare trend, jello skin, is earning immense popularity on different social media sites. In case you want to achieve bouncy skin full of collagen yourself, tag along.

Viral New Trend For Skincare Lovers

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While other trends like glass or glazed skin required a deep dive into skincare products, jello skin focuses more on the general well-being of the human body, according to the creator. Ava Lee, @glowwithava on TikTok, said that she has a whole different stance on caring for your skin, whether it’s body or face. “By definition, jello skin is skin that’s so elastic that when you move it, it bounces back just like Jell-O,” Lee shared with Elite Daily. “But it’s so much more than just the texture. It’s a whole lifestyle that focuses on internal wellness and external skincare.” How did the name come to life? A celebrity facialist Lord Gavin complimented the influencer on the amount of collagen in her skin, comparing it to Jell-O.

And when she found out there’s no English name for the Korean taeng taeng skincare trend, Lee came up with jello skin and delivered it to her fans. That’s when she started explaining how collagen is important for bouncy and elastic skin. When aging, the lack of collagen starts showing. “It’s what is going to prevent the sagging we all see as we age,” Lee said. “Jello skin is about eating your greens, but not restricting yourself from a croissant. It’s about moving your muscles, I’m not a big yoga person, but I do love facial yoga or relying on my facial tools. And it’s about being patient.”

How does one achieve jello skin?

Achieving Jello Skin

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When it comes to getting jello skin yourself, it’s important to have a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet with nutritious food, as well as a lot of self-care is the key. The latter includes positivity, face massages, healthy food with fats and antioxidants, tea, and exercising. Massage is an essential step to achieving jello skin: it boosts circulation, tightens the face, and helps the process of lymphatic drainage. Thanks to face massage, toxins leave the skin, muscles relax, and make more collagen. You can use your fingers but some find it easier to buy beauty tools like gua-sha or face rollers. They’re “like an extension of my fingers to guide my facial massages and make my life easier,” Lee explained.

“They’re also great for when I am traveling. We can’t all get lavish facials so the best I can do is use a gua sha [tool] or face roller while watching tv and relaxing.” What about skincare products? Lee said they simply should protect the natural barrier of the skin while leaving it clean and moisturized. Sometimes double and triple cleansing can benefit the skin. Furthermore, always wear and reapply sunscreen. “Skin care products that all aim to rejuvenate the skin and add moisture to the surface can create the jello skin effect,” added Dr. Michelle Henry, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City. That includes exfoliators with AHAs and BHAs, peptides, and hyaluronic acids.

The key ingredient to jello skin? Don’t forget — it’s self-love and self-care!

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