Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Make Instagram Debut

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Back Together Bennifer
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One of Hollywood’s most iconic couples, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, are back together! They’ve even made it Instagram official at Leah Remini’s birthday party. Then, the singer opened up about her relationship on Instagram!

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Reunite

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That’s right! Bennifer is back! Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who first earned the nickname when they dated from 2002 to 2004, have reunited. While their first relationship might not have lasted that long, it seems to have made a lasting impression. Afterward, Affleck went on to marry actress Jennifer Garner, while Lopez most recently dated baseball legend, Alex Rodriguez. However, now that they are both single, it seems they found their way back to one another. The new-old couple even made it Instagram official last week when they went to actress Leah Remini’s birthday party!

Along with Remini, Lopez and Affleck took a black and white snap to celebrate the party. As the couple had been hinting at their relationship for weeks on end, many fans took this as a confirmation of their renewed love. However, Lopez truly confirmed her and Affleck’s new relationships just a few days later.

Hints On Instagram

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Back Together Bennifer

Just a few days later, Lopez shared her own stunning picture of Affleck kissing her on the lips! She posted it along with several other photos, all from the Latina singer’s own birthday party. It appears she celebrated her 52nd birthday on a luxurious yacht. The singer wore a bright string bikini and a cover-up while posing on board. “52…what it do…” Lopez captioned the photos, adding a heart emoji at the end.

While Affleck and Lopez have certainly gone through their problems in the past, this time, things seem quite different. The 48-year-old actor and 52-year-old singer have apparently been reunited for more than three months, rarely leaving each other’s side during that time. In fact, recently, a source stated that things had quickly become “serious” for the two!

Hanging Out With The Kids

Celeb Couples News 2021

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, a source said that Lopez and Affleck are very happy together – as if the Instagram pictures didn’t already prove that! “They are head over heels for each other again,” the sources explained. “They wouldn’t be spending time like this with the kids if it was just a fling.” That’s right – the two are already hanging out with each other’s children. “Serious” indeed!

For those who don’t know, Lopez has 13-year-old twins with ex-husband Marc Anthony. Meanwhile, the Oscar-winning actor has three children between 9 and 15 with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. What a perfect match! “Ben wants to protect what they have,” they said, reminding everyone that the two “are madly in love” once again.

Will Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck become one of the greatest Hollywood couples of all time or just another two-year fling? Only time will tell. But we are certainly rooting for them!

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