Bloodhound Rescues 12-Year-Old Lost in Wyoming Desert for 19 Hours

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Everyone knows: dogs have incredible powers! They’re not just fluffy and friendly, though that’s certainly what made them man’s best friend. Dogs can also help solve crimes, find missing people, and even detect early stages of cancer! Just take an incredible story out of Wyoming, for instance. Earlier this month, a bloodhound joined efforts to rescue a 12-year-old girl who went missing in the state’s deserts. Thankfully, this dog knew exactly what to do…

A 12-Year-Old Goes Missing In Wyoming

Natrona County Sheriff’s Office

On July 1, 2019, the Weinerts experienced every parents’ worst nightmare: their daughter Brianna went missing. That evening, the 12-year-old left her house around 9:30 pm. Immediately after noticing her absence, her parents called authorities. Police quickly started searching high and low for little Brianna. Just a few hours later, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Offices brought in some special help: a six-year-old dog, Jessie the bloodhound. They were extremely lucky Jessie and her handler Deputy Kelly Foster, were around in Wyoming, for an unrelated call. Typically, Jessie and Foster stay in their home state of Colorado.

However, even with the help of this incredible bloodhound, the police still had their work cut out for them…

The Bloodhound Who Found The Missing Girl


Police searched for hours and hours that night, with Jessie joining in the early hours of July 2. We can only imagine how terrified the Weinerts must have felt. Later on in the day, things started to look worse and worse. It turned into a hot, 90-degree day, making the dense cactus desert even more dangerous. As a result, despite wearing a cooling vest, Jessie needed to take frequent 20-minute breaks. Still, “that didn’t stop Jessie,” the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Offices recounted later.

The hours passed, and the search continued. The team scoured the Wyoming desert, looking everywhere they could. Then, after a couple of hours, Jessie did something strange. She turned around and started to go back home. For a split second, everyone worried that Jessie had lost the trail. However, then something incredible happened: Deputy Foster discovered Brianna, hiding near a bush.

Even though Brianna was a bit sunburned and dehydrated, she was in good health overall. Meanwhile, Deputy Foster gave water to the girl and let her feed Jessie some treats while she brought the girl to the Sheriff – who returned her home.

As of this writing, there are no updates on how, or why, Brianna went missing. In fact, afterward, Jefferson Country said, “Brianna has been located and is safe. The investigation is still on going into the details of her disappearance.”

A Happy Ending


The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Offices’ concluded, “We’re thankful this young girl is going to be OK, and we’re thankful Deputy Foster and K9 Jessie were in Wyoming and able to respond to help another agency and this family.”

Jesse has her own Instagram page that’s regularly updated, if you want to follow along with her adventures. After this incident, a photo of her and Deputy Foster was posted with the caption, “I found a missing 12-year-old! She had been gone for 19 hours, and was sunburnt when I found her but ok!”