Hundreds of Men Named Josh Hold Massive “Josh Battle” With Pool Noodles

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Twitter Viral Josh Battle

Let’s face it: you’ve probably met a few guys named Josh over the years. After all, its a pretty common name! However, you have never seen as many men with the same name in one place at the same time before. On April 24, many men came together for a “Josh Battle” to discover who among them was the greatest – with a pool noodle fight!

How It All Began

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Its the morning of Sunday, April 24, 2021. Hundreds of men, young and old, all named Josh, gathered in Lincoln, Nebraska, in a park. Almost all of them brandish pool noodles like weapons. Why? Well, to determine whish of them is the greatest Josh of all time, of course! Believe it or not, the so-called “Josh Battle” all began with a simple Facebook message, just over a year ago. Hundreds of men with the same name awoke to the same name. Seen above, the message, from a Josh Swain, told all the others with his name that a battle waited for them in the future.

While the initial Facebook post soon went viral on Twitter, many did not know if Swain meant what he wrote. However, many other internet users took it seriously. In fact, some of them even helped Swain arrange the “Josh Battle.” As the date approached, many around the globe could not wait for the day to arrive. “That doesn’t happen very often, so I’m afraid I have to oblige the internet and trek all the way across the contiguous United States to defend my name,” 22-year-old Swain later wrote on Reddit.

Soon enough, the day of the pool noodle battle arrived…

The “Josh Battle” Begins

Twitter Viral Josh Battle

Of course, as the April 24 approached, hashtags like #JoshFight and #JoshBattle started trending on Twitter. When the day finally arrived, even major news outlets arrived on the scene to cover the bizarre event. And, not one to let the people down, Swain, along with hundreds of other men named Josh arrived at Air Park in Lincoln, Nebraska. Most of them held a pool noodle in hand, while some dual-wielded or even attached them to electric drills!

Meanwhile, those not named Josh stood to the side, acting as cheerleaders. Many of them held up signs or wore t-shirts supporting their chosen competitor. Hilariously, many also rooted for the creator of the battle – Swain. He and another Josh Swain started everything off with a good old-fashioned Rock, Paper, Scissors battle. The creator won this round, and with that, the battle began!

The Ultimate Winner

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So, who ultimately won the Josh Battle? Well, none other than little 4-year-old Josh Vinson Jr., the smallest participant. In the end, he proudly wore his Burger King crown, a champion’s belt, and carried a small trophy in his hand. “I fight everyone,” Vinson Jr. stated in an interview after his win.

This was not just for entertainment, however. The Josh Battle also helped those in need, with organizers asking for people to bring money or food to donate. Atendees raised over $12,000 for Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Foundation in Nebraska, which actually treated Vinson Jr. for seizures at a young age. Plenty of others brought food to donate to a local food bank. In total, more than four carloads of non-perishables to those who can’t afford food.

No one knows if the Josh Battle will happen next year. But it will certainly go down in history! “The internet can turn an exercise in absurdity into something beautiful,” Swain commented in the Reddit post. Perfectly said!

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