3-Year-Old’s Lemonade Stand Raises Over $700 For Local Police K9 Department

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Lemonade Stand for K9
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During the summer, it’s not incredibly uncommon to see a young girl running a lemonade stand. However, it’s quite rare to find a three-year-old raising money for the local K9 department through her lemonade stand! Read on to find out about young Lainie Stephens’ amazing deed…

The Lemonade Stand And The K9 Unit

Molly Stephens
Germantown Police Department/Facebook

Molly Stephens of Germantown, Maryland, decided to host a three-day yard sale at her home. After all, they’re a great way to get rid of some junk and earn some cash! However, this means she’d be busy all weekend long. So, she needed a way to keep her three-year-old daughter, Lainie, busy. That’s when Mrs. Stephens came up with the great idea of making a lemonade stand for Lainie! And not just a lemonade stand for the sake of it – but one to raise money for the local K9 unit, which is a 100% community funded. Lainie even came up with the idea to sell some dog treats along with the lemonade, for any pups that came by!

As the weekend went along, the yard sale started picking up. And the lemonade stand did well too; Mrs. Stephens thought her daughter would raise a small amount of money! However, once the Germantown Police Chief Peter Hoell drove by the lemonade stand – everything changed…

Going Viral

Lemonade Stand for K9
Molly Stephens/Facebook

Chief Hoell hopped out of his car and snapped a picture of Lainie Stephens and her adorable lemonade stand. Afterward, he uploaded it to the police department’s Facebook page. It quickly went viral around the town, getting hundreds of comments, likes, and shares. Then, people started showing up by the dozens, praising Lainie and her mother. In one day, the lemonade stand raised over $700, with some people donating fifty bucks a glass!

In an interview with CNN, Lainie said, “My lemonade is really tasty, and my puppy chow is really yummy!” Clearly, this young lady knows how to sell! She also had quite the customer service skills as well! The three-year-old greeted everyone who stopped by, smiled, shared her thoughts, and most importantly: made some great lemonade!

“A Great Sense of Community”

Molly Stephens
Molly Stephens/Facebook

On Sunday, the entire Germantown Fire Department came by, to personally thank Lainie. Of course, in return, the young girl served them all some excellent cold lemonade and a smile.

A few days later, Lainie wanted to personally deliver the funds she raised. So she stopped by the police department with her mother and handed it to them. Lt. Todd Grenier shared that raising funds for the K9 department is quite common in this area, as people are very understanding and appreciative of the department. Lainie’s funds will go towards helping them purchase another police dog and a squad car.

Mrs. Stephens said, “[There’s a] great sense of community.liver Everybody working toward the greater good of the community and wanting it to be a great place to live.” Now, Mrs. Stephens decided to continue the fundraising and started a Go-Fund-Me page, where they’ve already raised over $1,300. You can see it here and donate, if you’d like!

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