See the Lego House Made Out of 2 Million Legos!

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Lego House
Tekla Severin/Dezeen

You can now visit an art installation that looks exactly like a “regular” house – only its made out of two million Legos! See the breathtaking photos of the Lego House and discover the┬ádesigner’s take on it…

The Lego House

Home Made Out of Legos
Tekla Severin/Dezeen

Some are lucky enough to truly live out their wildest childhood fantasies. One such person is Camille Walala, a French designer, who created an incredible piece to celebrate the launch of Lego’s new product, Lego Dots. Walala designed and built an entire house, from Legos!

The house, on the surface, seems like any regular, two-story home. However, on the inside, its anything but ordinary! The Lego House, also known as the House of DOTS, features a living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, all incredibly colorful. Of course, they’re all created out of Legos, each one installed by hand! In total, it took over two million pieces and over 800 hours to create. “From the beginning, our aim was to create the perfect kids’ dream house,” the designer behind it shared.

Months of Meticulous Planning

Lego House
Tekla Severin/Dezeen

Much of the Lego House features LEGO DOTS pieces. For those not in the know, Dots are the Lego Company’s newest creation. Instead of the square bricks, Dots feature flatter titles that come in various colors and geometric shapes. Lego intends for children to use them more for decoration and creating DIY home items, more like a craft project than a building set. Dots fit perfectly with designer Walala’s general aesthetics. Walala is a very famous designer who has worked around the world, including an entire Brooklyn house-front to street furniture and a hotel in Mauritius.

“The tiles are the literal building blocks of the design. I worked with Dots of different scales, starting with the smallest, one-centimeter tile and using it to create patterns around the house – on cushions, walls, and even the window on the facade,” Walala shared. “I had to design to Lego’s scale, thinking in terms of how many tiles we’d need to make a particular pattern. There was a lot of maths involved. To create a table, for example, we had to ensure its length corresponded precisely to a set number of pieces.”

Who Wouldn’t Want An Eight Foot Slide To Go Down?

Walala wanted each room to have a different feel and color palette for a “completely different atmosphere.” In the end, visitors walk through “a journey of color” while visiting the Lego House.

“The bathroom is monochrome; the bedroom is a bit more Memphis, with pastels; the kitchen is quite bold and primary, and the lounge features almost the full palette of Dot colors.” And for those of you wondering, yes – it’s practically made for Instagram-worthy taking photos. In the bathroom, there’s a bathtub filled with pit balls plus a hidden door that leads into a blacklight disco room. Which makes sense, as the art piece is open to the public! Visitors exit the installation through an eight-foot slide, because, “Why would you not want to add a slide?” said the designer.

The designer felt very connected to the product, the idea behind the installation, and the final Lego house. Walala summed it up: “Like most kids, I grew up loving Lego. The Dots give kids new opportunities to express themselves through color and pattern – which is obviously something very important to me.”

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