Missing California Girls Miraculously Found After Surviving Two Nights In The Wilderness

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Missing California Girls
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In early March, two young girls went missing from their home in Humboldt County, California. Thankfully Leia and Caroline, aged 5 and 8 respectively, managed to survive everything nature threw at them. Read on to discover the entire story of these two missing California girls…

The Terrifying Discovery

Missing California Girls
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The two missing California girls, Caroline and Leia Carrico, ages 5 and 8, went missing on Friday, March 1, from their home in Humboldt County. Humboldt County is located in northern California, some 300 miles north of San Fransisco.

According to reports, Leia and Caroline vanished from the family’s property in the afternoon. Since wilderness surrounds their house, the girls often went on hikes with their parents. When not hiking, the girls played in the open spaces near the home. This is why, at first, neither parents felt too worried. As their father, Travis Carrico, said, he figured the girls must have been playing in the nearby area. However, as the hours passed, he panicked and knew the girls must have lost their way home. Quickly, the parents realized their girls had disappeared and contacted authorities. A 44-hour search, including helicopters and track dogs, began. For nearly two days, everyone prayed that the missing California girls could survive the woods…

Surviving In The Wilderness

Missing California Girls
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The details of¬†Leia and Caroline’s disappearance is every parent’s worst nightmare because it’s so innocent. It could happen to anyone: while playing, the girls lost their way in the woods and could not find the path back home. Especially large forests, like those in northern California, its easy to understand how the girls could have got turned around.

In an interview given after being found, the sisters shared some amazing details of their survival story. Despite the terrifying situation, the girls were able to take care of themselves. They found shelter in what Leia said was a huckleberry bush cave. Furthermore, they drank water from the bush’s leaves and used their raincoats as a blanket. Leia and Caroline said in an interview the night was freezing and they were “very hungry,” unable to find food that night.

Finding The Missing California Girls

Missing California Girls
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Early Sunday morning, granola bar wrappers and boot prints led to the sisters’ location, less than two miles away from the sisters’ home. Although both cold and dehydrated, searchers found Caroline and Leia alive and, surprisingly, in good spirits. Authorities gave the girls food, water, and warm blankets. Afterward, paramedics took the sisters to a local hospital for further examination. Thankfully, doctors found them in good health, despite a few scratches.

The girls’ mother, Misty Carrico, shared with the press that Leia and Caroline took part in a 4H wilderness program, teaching them surviving skills. Mrs. Carrico said it was these skills that helped them survive those two terrible nights.

It is still unknown how exactly the two girls went missing, authorities did not share this detail. However, we know that the family is now happily back together. Sheriff William Honsal of Humboldt County said this was a “miracle.” He added, “This was rugged territory, this is an extreme environment and how they were out there for 44 hours is pretty amazing, but it shows the resilience of people that actually grew up in this community. These girls definitely have a survival story to tell.”