‘Orange Is The New Black’ Creator Announced Season 7 Will Be Its Last

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Orange Is The New Black

The era of the first wave of Netflix shows is ending. Recently, the online streaming company announced the end of its shows House of Cards, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Now, Orange is the New Black, one of Netflix’s most beloved series, will end following season 7. Here’s everything you need to know.

Orange Is The New Black: A Groundbreaking Show

Orange Is The New Black Ending

Orange is the New Black follows Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), who goes to prison after her ex-girlfriend rats her out to authorities. From then on, we follow Chapman’s life in prison, which can be just as funny as it is startling.

Fans love Orange is the New Black because it is radically different from most television. The actresses of this almost all-female show, much like the characters they portray, hail from a variety of backgrounds, races, and socio-economic statuses. The series covers incredibly sensitive and important topics: racism, the US prison system, chauvinism, as well as a wide range of LGBTQ issues. The groundbreaking show is not only a hit with fans, but with critics as well. Over its six seasons, it has earned six Golden Globe nominations and 12 Emmy nominations, winning three of them.

Exactly why Netflix decided to end Orange is the New Black after season seven is still unknown. Many speculate that the show had a good run, and it’s now time to say goodbye, like other iconic shows. We can all think of shows which should have ended sooner, instead of creating weird storylines and annoying characters. Additionally, Netflix now has a much larger collection of original series. When Orange is the New Black originally aired, the only other dramas on Netflix were House of Cards and Hemlock Grove. Now, the streaming site produces over a dozen drama series alone, in addition to sitcoms and reality TV. It might be time for another show to shine.

Fade From Orange To Black

Orange Is The New Black Canceled

Jenji Kohan, the creator of Orange is the New Black, spoke about the show ending last week. “After seven seasons, it’s time to be released from prison,” she said. “I will miss all the badass ladies of Litchfield and the incredible crew we’ve worked with. My heart is orange but fade to black”.

In a raw, emotional video last weekOrange is the New Black‘s veteran cast members got together and discussed what they’ll miss most about the show, their friendship, and their fans. Kate Mulgrew (Galina “Red” Reznikov on the show) put it best: “I’m going to miss playing and living on the edge of one of the most groundbreaking, original and controversial series of this decade.”

The Most Watched Series On Netflix

Orange Is The New Black

Orange is the New Black premiered in July of 2013, quickly becoming a massive hit. Fans loved the show, despite its unknown cast, including Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon, and Natasha Lyonne. By season two, Orange is the New Black was Netflix’s most-watched show. It continued to set records through its fourth season, although the later seasons lost some momentum.

Additionally, Orange is the New Black (alongside House of Cards) created massive competition with networks and revolutionized how we watch TV. Now, there’s no need to wait for your favorite show’s latest episode to air at a specific time, waiting week after week for new episodes. Netflix created a distribution method that allows us to watch an entirely new season at once, instantly. Entire seasons coming out on the same day has created the “binge” culture – where viewers gulp down the entire season in a day or two.

However, the best part of Netflix? The content is good. Really good. And its continual content creation has inspired other streaming services to do the same. Now, we have shows like Hulu’s award-winning The Handmaid’s Tale and Amazon’s upcoming series with Julia Roberts, Homecoming

Despite its awards, fan base, and historical contributions, Orange is the New Black is ending. But, sometimes, we need to learn to say goodbye and enjoy it while it lasts.