Paul Rudd is People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2021

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Paul Rudd The Sexiest Man Alive 2021
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Every year, People Magazine announces the “Sexiest Man Alive.” Over the years, plenty of familiar faces have earned the title: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and the like. However, this year, People surprised the world by picking famed comedy actor Paul Rudd as the Sexiest Man Alive 2021. Read on to see how Hollywood reacted!

Paul Rudd – The Sexiest Man Alive 2021

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That’s right! People Magazine has officially named Paul Rudd the Sexiest Man Alive 2021. Since the annual feature began back in 1985, 32 actors, musicians, politicians, and other high-profile men have earned the honor. Now, Rudd enters the ranks of such Hollywood elites as Sir Sean Connery, Brad Pitt, John F. Kennedy Jr., George Clooney, and John Legend, among many, many others.

Over the years, Rudd has heard all sorts of compliments: hardworking, funny, kind, talented, and so on. However, the 52-year-old actor admits that “sexy” is not precisely one he hears all the time. Let alone “sexiest man alive!” Still, that’s not stopping him from embracing the title! “I do have an awareness, enough to know that when people hear that I’d be picked for this, they would say, ‘What?'” the actor told People Magazine when they revealed the news to him. “This is not false humility. There are so many people that should get this before me.”

Now, Rudd plans on using his title to the max. He joked about getting together with some of the other Sexiest Men Alive. “I’m hoping now that I’ll finally be invited to some of those sexy dinners with Clooney and Pitt and [Michael] B Jordan,” he joked. “And I figure I’ll be on a lot more yachts. I’m excited to expand my yachting life. And I’ll probably try to get better at brooding in really soft light. I like to ponder. I think this is going to help me become more inward and mysterious. And I’m looking forward to that.”

Of course, plenty of other Hollywood stars had opinions on Rudd winning the title…

Hollywood Reacts

Paul Rudd The Sexiest Man Alive 2021
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As soon as People Magazine announced the news, stars from all over reacted to Rudd’s new title of Sexiest Man Alive. One of the first was Rudd’s fellow Marvel star, Mark Ruffalo. “Paul Rudd…#SexiestManAlive?!” Ruffalo wrote on Twitter, attaching a GIF of the two. “I knew this day would come. Congrats, man! I hope you continue to never age so you can continue to hold this title.”

Meanwhile, famed actress Jennifer Aniston, who has worked with Rudd on two films as well as the hit sitcom Friends, also shared the news with her fans. “This makes me so happy. We’ve ALWAYS known this, but Paul Rudd is officially @people’s Sexiest Man Alive!” Aniston wrote in an Instagram story. “You don’t age, which is weird. But we still love you!”

Unlike Ruffalo and Aniston, Reno 911 star Thomas Lennon, who worked with Rudd on I Love You Man, joked about the actor winning the title. “Wish I’d had a heads-up that Paul Rudd would win sexiest man alive before I had dinner with my dad that same day,” Lennon joked on Twitter. “We talked of little else.”

All jokes aside, congratulations are in order! – so, congrats Paul Rudd! And we can’t wait to see who they pick next year!

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