NYC Pizza Delivery Man Helps Police Chase Down A Thief, Still Delivers Pie On Time

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New York City Dominions Pizza Delivery Man Thief
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What did you do this weekend? Well, it’s almost certainly not as impressive as what Alou Bathily did! This pizza delivery man was just on his regular delivery route when his quick actions helped police arrest a suspect in New York City. Read on to discover a fantastic story about a great citizen!

The Delivery Man Who Chased Down A Suspect

New York City Dominions Pizza Delivery Man Thief
CBS New York

Avengers: End Game might premiere soon, but a real superhero emerged in NYC last month. However, he doesn’t wear a cape or mask. Instead, he rides a bike and works for Domino’s Pizza. Alou Bathily, a 21-year-old who delivers pizza on his bike, helped NYPD officers chase down a robbery suspect in late April.

Bathily was minding his own business, riding down his usual route to deliver pizzas. Then, he noticed a commotion on West 72nd Street and Broadway. He watched as police officers chased down a thief on foot. Without a second of hesitation, Bathily shouted, “I’ll stop him, officers!” He proceeded to speed up, cut in front of the alleged criminal, and blocked his path. However, this incredible story does not end there…

Caught The Guy, And Still Delivered On Time

New York City Dominions Pizza Delivery Man Thief
CBS New York

In an interview with CBS New York, the pizza delivery man said he “jumped off his bike and sat on [the suspect],” pinning him to the ground. Then, he made sure the cops got there before he managed to get away. Bathily moved to the US from Mali only two months ago. He quickly found this job and has been a hard worker ever since.

Policemen did confirm that Bathily’s quick actions helped them and delayed the suspect long enough for an arrest. In a viral Facebook post, NYPD wrote, “[The suspect] is in jail now, and we’re told the pizza guy still managed to honor the 30-minute delivery guarantee on the pie.” Most of us would probably go home after helping cops chase down a suspect. But not Bathily! He still managed to get the pizza to its hungry owner on time! If there’s a better possible ending to this story, we don’t know what it is.

Police arrested the alleged criminal for both fraud and theft, and this is his seventh arrest. He made many incredible bad decisions, including trying to get rid of stolen $50 bills while running…right in front of the police officers. Let’s just say, it’s no real wonder this story ended in his capture.

The Pizza Hero We All Deserve

New York City Dominions Pizza Delivery Man Thief
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Thousands shared Bathily’s story, praising him for his bravery and quick thinking. After all, the suspect could have had a gun, knife, or another weapon. However, perhaps the most spectacular praise came from Bill de Blasio, the Mayor of New York City, who called the pizza delivery man a “hero.” Although, the health-conscious mayor also added, jokingly, that Bathily’s actions are “the only reason New Yorkers should consider ordering Domino’s.”

Domino’s Pizza also issued a statement praising Bathily. They finished it perfectly with, “we are certainly very proud of this driver and his actions that made a difference in his local community.”