Police Officer Pulls Man Over For Expired License, Ends Up Driving Him To Job Interview

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Police Office
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Last week, a Missouri man needed to borrow a friend’s car to get to a job interview. Unfortunately, his license had expired, and on the way, a police officer pulled the young man over. However, in a stroke a good fortune, the cop did not give him a ticket or tow the car. Instead, he drove the man to the job interview – which he nailed. Find out all the details behind this incredible story…

Heading To An Important Job Interview

Job Interview
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We’ve all been excited about a particular job interview before; a golden opportunity, if you like. That’s how Ka’Shawn Baldwin, from Missouri, felt about his most recent employment chance. He had an interview scheduled with FedEx, and Baldwin felt incredibly confident that he could do the job well. There was bad news however, the appointment was on the other side of town, and Baldwin did not have a valid license. So, he asked to borrow his friend’s car, confident he could safely get to the job interview and back.

Then, on the drive over, the unexpected happened: a police officer pulled Baldwin over. The young man’s heart sank, not only would he miss the job interview, but there could be serious consequences to his actions…

A Police Officer’s Incredible Act Of Kindness

Police Office
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The police officer, Roger Gemoules of the Cahokia Police Department, asked to see license and registration of the car. That’s when things got even worse. Baldwin realized that not only did he not have a valid license, the car had expired tags.

Of course, office Gemoules asked Baldwin why he would drive around in a car with expired tags. The young man shared with the officer that he had to get to his job interview, and that was the only way he could do it. Baldwin didn’t know whether his words would fall on deaf ears. “I thought it was over. The main thing that was running through my mind [was] I’m fixin’ to miss the job interview and get the car towed that wasn’t even mine,” the young man told CNN.

Later, Gemoules shared with TV station KSDK, “He was polite when I pulled him over, and he seemed like a good young man, so I wanted to give him a chance.” Furthermore, the police officer understood the domino effect he could cause. He said, “I knew if I gave him a bunch of tickets and towed his car, it would be tough to recover from.” So, Gemoules decided to try something different…

“Thank You… For Being A Great Example”

Job Interview
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After he heard his story, officer Gemoules escorted Baldwin to a safe place where he could park the car. Then, the police officer drove Baldwin to his interview at FedEx. The young man said he was a little late – but still nailed the interview!

This should come as no surprise, as Baldwin is a hardworking man. FedEx is actually his second job, he also works at a McDonald’s, one which is a 90-minute bus ride from where he lives. His goal is to earn enough money to get his license back, buy a car and a house, and earn a living respectfully. After the ordeal, Baldwin was extremely thankful to Gemoules.

To finish off the happy story, the mayor’s assistant Francella Jackson even took to Facebook to share some words on behalf of the mayor. “I would like to thank Officer Gemoules for showing compassion and being a great example of how community-oriented policing actually works.” The officer received much online praise from users, and the post was shared thousands of times.