Police Officer Surprises Hardworking 52-Year-Old Woman With Incredible Gift

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Police Officer Surprises Woman With New Car
The New Orleans Advocate

While walking to her job, Anita Singleton, a hard-working, loving woman, had a chance encounter with police officer Bradley Peck. Afterward, she never left his mind. A little while later, Peck surprised Singleton with the gift of a lifetime. Read on to discover this incredibly heart-warming story…

Walking Six Miles To Work

Anita Singleton Walmart Cashier New Car
WWL News

Anita Singleton from Louisiana is one of the most wonderful, hard-working people you’ll ever meet. Three years ago, she started working at her local Walmart – and fell in love with the job from the very beginning. Singleton explained to WWL, a local New Orleans station, why she loves her job so much: “We share a bit of ourselves with each other, and that is a blessing. You cannot put a price tag on that.”

However, Singleton is not your average worker. She’s so dedicated that, when she lost her ride to work, she began walking six miles to get there! At the age of 52, this couldn’t have been easy on Singleton. Still, she never complained. Singleton said she likes to count her blessing and be grateful for what she has, rather than focusing on the negative. But while Singleton remained positive, she had no idea that no idea her positive vibes would come back to her, tenfold.

A Kind Police Officer

Police Officer Brad Peck
Brad Peck/Twitter

Last month, during one of Singleton’s walks to work, a police car pulled up beside her. Alarmed at first, Singleton was cautious and polite – but quickly realized the police officer was kind and wanted to help. Officer Bradley Peck asked her where she was going, surprised by the answer he heard. Peck couldn’t believe the 52-year-old in front of him walked six miles to work most days. A kind soul, he offered her a ride to work, which Singleton happily said yes to.

Although a short ride, the two got to know each other quite well. Officer Peck learned about the women’s positive outlook on life, and how humble she is – and that she has the energy of a “two-year-old,” despite her age! Singleton had to leave her house at 4:30 a.m. in order to be on time for the 7.a.m shift. “That brief moment of me getting to spend some time with her made my day so much better,” Peck said. “I don’t think she knows how much hope she gave me and valuable life lesson she taught me.”

The Huge Surprise

Anita Singleton Walmart Cashier New Car
ABC News

Following their sweet encounter, Slidell Police Department shared Singleton and Peck’s story on their Facebook page. Afterward, the post went viral, with over 700 shares. It didn’t take long for the local news to pick up the story, which brought it to the attention of a local car dealership owner, Matt Bowers. Singleton’s story and Peck’s act of kindness inspired Bowers, and he decided he also wanted to help the hard-working lady. “Well, logically, I’m a car dealer, and I made the decision that the right thing to do for the community was to give Anita Singleton a car,” Bowers said.

In the time between their first meeting and Bowers contacting the police officer, Singleton and Peck became friends. So, Singleton did not suspect a thing when he picked her up from work a couple of days later. However, when the officer drove her to the dealership, Singleton felt very confused. Even after Bowers introduced himself, Single still had no idea what they had in store. Bowers then showed her two cars – a red Traverse and a white Captiva and told her she could pick one!

Singleton was floored, awed with the kindness these men showed her. But Bowers did not stop there. He said that, as long as Singleton owns the car, he wouldn’t just take care of the cost but also “insurance, taxes, and registration bills.” After testing both of them, she chose the Captiva and absolutely loves her new car. Even though Singleton won’t need rides from Peck anymore, the two are now lifelong friends.

The first thing Singleton wants to do with her new wheels? Drive out to Honey Island Swamp to take a tour! We certainly think that Singleton’s earned a weekend off of work. Peck too!